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  • sidney the gr8

    hellz yeah jeff!!! I never beleaved in cm punks str8 edge b.s myself . 4 1 whats up with thoose dark circles allways around his eyes?? so all u str8 edge marks and squares go drink a milkshake and pop thoose anti-deppressent or pain killers your doctor perscribed you that are baisicly heroin and leave me the fk alone while im smoking my greens. and yes you deffinatly did help make cm punk in the wwe. cant wait to see matt in tna. just dont drink and drive and who gives a fk right?

  • Ifreet

    Another Scott Hall waiting to happen,or maybe already there.

  • Tom

    Those two are either Drunk, High, or both and I am glad they are both out of WWE! Jeff you are way to concerned with your drugs anymore and the fact TNA is paying you is a joke. You left WWE because you couldn’t hack it anymore. You could have been a big star but you couldn’t put down the drugs. If anything CM Punk made you a star and you should learn from him. Matt, for you to be calling anybody dramatic and over emotional it’s you! You have two twitter and youtube accounts for two different “characters” of yours. You are so paranoid when people talk about you or if someone is dating Lita. Matt could not stand out in WWE and either needed Edge, Lita, or Jeff to make him look good.

  • drg

    well obviously jeff was high as kite, and i’ve lost a lot of respect for him. But he has one good point, though CM Punk was f’in great before he really was given the chance to become huge in his feud with jeff. But it also solidified that Jeff deserved to be where he was. wrestling Jeffs one of my favourites all time but he needs to get his Shit together. and Matt well lets just not even go there.

  • idontknow2

    ”I made cm a superstar”?
    So his title reing b4 their feud meant nothing as well as his roh days.
    Jeff should spent less time with matt, go hit the gym (cuz he is starting to look like matt) and get a lawyer; He will be needing one real soon.

  • James Howlett

    So is this part of TNAs Anti-Bully campaign?

  • Hunter

    Quite sad to see how Jeff has turned out. Also quite sad to see how Matt’s nose has turned out!!

    Loved the promo of Dashing laying into him before their match haha

  • kane

    so lita turns to matt for emotional support but to other people for good sex? matt needs to get over her and stop hating on people that get with his ex’s. as for jeff, how can you be in a drug trial and let a video of you being high get out? either he should make better decisions or beth better get used to being a single mom. either way, it’s sad to see them go from a top match at wrestlemaina to this.

  • Juggalo

    Mmmn. Well. Even being high, delusional and needing a mental evaluation. He’s still accomplished more in his life than any of you ever will. So, yes. Lets hate on what we shall never achieve. ;)

  • shaneo

    jeff higher than a giraffe’s ass and matt hardy eating.suprise surpise!! two losers

  • Kelly

    Sammo, at one time I would disagree with you, but they’ve gone from good, to just fucking stupid, Jeff is a druggy and he has a kid, he hasn’t grow up in the least bit, he still has a giant ego, as for his brother, He needs a mental evaluation I think, to see if he can be mentally fit to wrestle, and physically fit also. All in All there just diva’s.

  • David

    Sad…delusional. Drunk or high, maybe both.

  • Man in Suit

    I wish I were spending Thanksgiving at the Hardy house. It seems like it would be a good time.

  • Sammo

    The Hardys are such losers. Matt has got to be one of the saddest people in existence.

  • http://www.watsonbargains.com nun’yase

    jeff’s nose was itching him alot & he damn sure was twitching all around during that video (not to mention quite impromptu as well).

  • James Howlett

    Jeff Hardy, Wrestling’s Mel Gibson.

  • http://www.twitter.com/guinnessbreath James

    If anything didn’t Punk help elevate Jeff to a Main-Eventer?