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Jeff Hardy Staying with TNA?, Hulk Hogan Hypes Tonight’s Impact

– Hulk Hogan hyped tonight’s episode of Impact, writing on Twitter, “IMPACT WRESTLING tonight on Spike 8est/7central,Bully is really getting close to the point of no return with me,as GM it’s getting tougher”

– Jeff Hardy recently talked about his future with TNA wrestling and if WWE was an option during an interview with

“I’ll look at the comments on Instagram and there’s all this WWE, TNA talk. I get so tired of hearing that as far as where I should be or whatever. Being here is what’s cool to me because we have so much room to grow and get better. And really, I feel needed more here. Like if I did ever go back to WWE, I wouldn’t feel as needed. I mean, I would stand out but I would just vanish with the other top guys. Being here is just unique because I’m able to be the complete package of ‘The Charismatic Enigma,’ like with my music coming out and my artwork. There’s just so much potential for me overall being more than just a wrestler here in TNA. And that’s why I’m going to remain here.”

  • cc

    Lets face it, comments like these are generally worthless. He is hardly going to say that he is seriously considering going back to WWE while he is currently with TNA. How much well would he get pushed or used if he turned round and said he wants to go back?
    Once his contract is up for negotiation, thats when you can start to take any comments like this seriously.

  • Stumpy

    Let me translate what he said for everyone…

    I dont’ want to go back to the WWE because they will do a drug test on me and I will fail at any given moment. I’ll lose my creative ability if I go back there because they will put me in rehab and make me stop doing drugs. Here in TNA, I’m basically all they’ve got so they don’t test me, they let me come to the ring stoned out of my mind,and they let me do my horrid artwork and singing because they don’t want to piss me off and watch me leave for the Indy’s to wrestle with my brother again. So I will stay in TNA because they are too afraid to lose me.

  • Bill

    I actually feel that Jeff would stand out amongst the main eventers in WWE, especially since there aren’t that many, specifically faces.

  • poko

    Jeff is kind of like RVD. Put him in a weekly television match and he looks average. Put him in a big-time main event PPV match with high stakes and a solid storyline and he can be one of the best performers in the business. People forget that there are different styles and that some styles are better in some areas than in others. Not everyone can, or should, be a gifted mat technician. Variety is the spice of live.

  • Scratches Head

    @what? I have to agree with Robinson. I mean he has a unique look and can do some risky things but other than that, wrestling wise he’s not a kurt angle who imo has the whole package (look, wrestling and mic skills).

  • Robinson

    Yea I’ve seen all his matches. Just bc the guy can take a bump and do those high flying moves does in no way shape or form make him a great wrestler.

  • deadmans streak

    His bodies gona give up on him soon anyway. Im more excited about the shield than i would be about Jeff coming back. In his day he was fucking awesome & his ladder match against taker on raw war one of the best but he’s had his day

  • adam

    Because hes the only star in tna and he likes that

  • what?

    @Robinson i take it you never seen any of the tag matches jeff had with his brother against edge and christian .or jeff against the undertaker

  • Robinson

    Good stay there. IMO he’s not a very good wrestler anyways. Just bc he can do a Swanton of of a stage doesn’t make a good wrestler. And I don’t think he can be trusted.