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Jeff Hardy TNA Title Win Nixed, Update on Plans for Anderson vs. Hardy

– Jeff Hardy was scheduled to win the TNA World Title back on this past Thursday’s iMPACT, had his court case came to an end at his last hearing. Hardy received another continuance so the decision was made to keep the belt on Mr. Anderson. This is why Anderson is still using Hardy’s Immortal belt, although a new belt is believed to be in the works.

The current plan is to do Anderson vs. Hardy in a Ladder Match at Against All Odds. It’s likely Anderson will keep the title since Hardy doesn’t return to court for a while.


  • elvisD

    they should give that purple thing to orlando jordan and bring back the old one, have eric young wrestle mr. anderson and keep eric young as champion(i almost believed that myself)lol

  • jack90

    Look. I’m a fan of Jeff and Matt Hardy. Ok? True, Jeff’s personal issues with drugs has gotten him in some shit! But that’s nothin to dog on him for! I’m sure everyone here who has said he’s a bad person or a sleezebag or whatever has done something pretty horrible yourselves. Just cuz the guy messed up in the past doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. He’s a good guy, who fucked up, and plays a bad guy on television. Yall people judge too quickly. Give the dude a break! He’s human just like us!

  • JOE

    @cc no he didnt get arrested while he was champion but he failed the wellness program or whatever they call it TWICE so they knew what he was on before they put the belt on him. hell they even a BACKUP plan just in case he fails the test again. i never said he should champion nor did i say that he shouldnt go to jail. i was just talking about ppl who love to bash him just because he has a drug addiction. and yes i would defend him as a person why because i have someone in my family that has a drug addiction and shit isnt fun. to be honest with you putting in jail isnt really going to do anything and again im not saying he shouldnt go to jail. they need to lock his ass up in a rehab facility but i doubt that would work either. the reason i say that is he said that he always “healed” himself and when someone has a mentality like that its just not good. the only thing i can see stoping his crazy behavior is now he has a daughter but i doubt that would stop him

  • mark

    TNA were right to take the belt off Hardy and really should have made him champion for first place. I dont dislike Hardy unsome like on here but as a rolemodel for kids who watch wrestling,having him champion is really not a good idea.

  • CC

    @Shawn. Who said anything about going online? Hardy has been reported on in every news outlet including magazine, newspapers and tv.
    You really are an ass, I agree.

    I have no idea what your rant about vengeance of disdain is, as I actually like Hardy. I just dont think a person should be rewarded for being a total idiot and trying to ruin their lives.
    What message does it send to your superstars when they are given cart blanche to do what they want.

    As for @Joe.
    What the hell does Hardy being WWE champ have to do with it?
    Was he WWE champion at the time of his arrest?
    Were WWE still pushing him as world champion after his arrest?
    Look what happened when RVD was caught with pot while WWE & ECW champion, they stripped him of both titles within days.

    Some of you are simply ignorant of the fact that a public face is important with companies like this, which is why TNA will forever be minor league.

    Facts is facts, this isnt just a minor possession charge that most wrestlers have been charged with in the past. This is a serious criminal charge that could and should lead to jail time.
    You wouldnt be so quick to defend someone in real life if they got caught doing this stuff, so why defend an idiot who has been given everything and throws it all away?
    You need to learn to separate the star from the person. You may like Jeff Hardy the wrestler, but on a personal level he deserves to have the book thrown at him.

  • Gary

    to be honest, RVD got stripped of his title and said he wouldnt re-sign with wwe. IE why he is in TNA now..Big backe rof what RVD did to WWE because RVD has his ‘Card’ and all charges was droppe dbut WWE still punished RVD because of the kids….WWE ha sproven time in and time out that it all depend son how big your draw is if you get suspended or ‘take a break’…

  • JOE

    @vinny rvd CHOOSE to leave wwe not the other way around

  • shawn

    oh, and the wwe even mentioned about riley’s situation on tv. …. good message there. go write a complaint letter….old timer is it?

  • shawn

    @cc you gonna make an ASSout of U and ME? how do you know the kids go online and most of wrestlings fan base? a lot of people come here but it isnt in the millions. go take a poll on every one wrestling fan and see if they are aware of a performer who uses drugs and wrestles. and the hell with whatever any wrestler does in his/her wrestling life. you want a wrestler to basically dissapear because why? whats it to you or a loved one of yours that you can keep from watching? the type of attitude you have is one from a person with vengeance or disdain who wants the worst for somebody else (i assume).

  • vinny

    what happened when RVD was the WWE Champion and he and Sabu were caught with drugs on their way to an arena? (whistles) out the door he went. Arriverdecci.

  • dlb

    @ scooter
    orton did get suspended for 2 months a few years back when he got caught smoking pot backstage. they worked it in by having kurt angle “break” his ankle.

  • David

    They need to drop the Television and Knock-out Championships, bring back the six sided ring, get rid of all these nonsensical factions and stop hyping up heel/face turns that happen every other week. Also, a good, long Hernandez or Morgan WHC run would be make sense because of their sheer size and strength, which would allow creative to have enough time to decide what they want to build-up story wise. Have a heel do what heels do best to take the title and then continue from there.

  • scooter

    @CC orton never got suspened he was given the week off for his honeymoon! and lets not forget what steiner said “I’ll do a drugs test right next to triple h” and he was never asked to do one again all I’m saying is wwe has a system (which is more than tna has yes) but their system is so politically driven anyone who says batista never touched roids is an idiot. the only built guy in wwe who loos like he got ripped through legit hard work is cena! I’m sorry but you had a good point TNA should cut down on using jeff hardy but when orton got caught he was given the strap a month later at least with hardy it was a year down the line. Although you could argue since hardy is up in front of the judge that his situation is far worse I admit

  • CM Mark

    I think Anderson is the best thing TNA has right now. Who cares about Hardy? Let’s do AJ vs Anderson, Hardy is a has been, I don’t care how much he draws.



    riley got caught on a dui

  • JOE

    @cc last time i checked jeff hardy was world champion in wwe also so whats your point? everyone has their personal issues in wrestlering wheter its from having drug addictions to beating their wife. hell even actors and pro athletes have drug addictions and if a parent let their kids come on this wedsite then their kids should taken away from because thet obviously dont know whats good kids. im not talking about pro wrestling in general but for what they put on this website ie bikini pics

  • Jason

    What did Riley do?

  • CC

    Is Riley a main eventer? Are they rewarding him by putting a belt on him, or are they using him as comedy relief and jobbing him out like a fool?
    Wake up you idiot. Even TNA has a childrens fan base, and they hear and read news as well. What is keeping him in the title hunt telling kids about drugs?
    Hardy is a big name Riley is not. I bet Rileys story barely even made the news anywhere outside wrestling circles.
    Plus, at the end of the day, something tells me that Riley isnt facing a possible prison sentence or criminal record, yet TNA still keeps basing their storylines around a guy who may not even be there soon.

  • shawn

    and also, its a big argument for any company to consider the hiring/keeping of any wrestler with bad press. yeah riley from wwe wasnt using illegal drugs, but he put peoples lives at jeopardy(another thing he wasn’t afraid to do) and they decided to keep him. they did not care about his bad press. maybe any wrestling company thinks a good majority of fans dont have any idea about wrestling sites.
    so people have a right to protest about jeff’s standing but they have to let it be known in other ways, not dirtsheets. if you have not, you dont care so much. which is good for me a little. dont like him as a heel nowadays but liked his matches with him and Angle before he turned.

  • TomC

    I agree – TNA needs to shelf that UGLY ASS belt they made for Hardy and either give Anderson the previous one or create a nice new one along the “classic” lines of the previous one.

  • shawn

    they have a right to use jeff all they want in any way. they do it in a way that excludes his personal life so that kids or even adults dont have any ideas about using any drugs. the wwe has mentioned in a way that he has abused some and i thought that wasn’t the way to shine the light on him. he had a lot of kid fans, and he even said he had the right to do anything he wants to do in his life in a couple of wwe promos. he was on his way out,but the presentation was there for the fans from that company.
    so tna doesn’t play with drugs as far as i know and maybe the wwe were really aware after jeff left actually.

  • CC

    People can mock WWE’s drug policy as being a sham, but at least they are not so idiotic as to keep promoting a guy as the top guy in the company when he has been blatantly caught out.

    Even if the suspensions of the likes of Orton and Mysterio have been a sham, at least WWE knew well enough to look like they are doing something, and keep them off tv for a while til the heat dies down.
    If TNA just stopped using Hardy for a few months, people wouldnt keep bagging on them for this cack.

    It really is amateur hour with them.

  • Jon-Jon

    Please give Jeff the belt so that Aj can go win it back.

  • Bob

    As far as I’m concerned, both Hardys need to be released by TNA. It’s obvious that TNA loves Jeff, but they have to realize that’s going to bite them.


    anderson should wrestle eric young ans take the old one and burn hardys

  • thetalkingbox

    working on a new belt??


    what happened to the old one?

  • Gary

    now im not gonna trash jeff for his drug issue but, To plan damn near your whole company off 1 wrestler who MIGHT see jail time….sad

  • Joe

    Even if Jeff would have been exonerated, having a world champ who was caught with enough drugs to open his own store is bad press. TNA should realize drugs are a HUGE problem in pro-wrestling, and not encourage it by making Jeff a champ.

    Hopefully, they back off Jeff for a while and give other people a chance.

  • oxslangshoot

    another continuance, since late 2009, pathetic

  • Callum Leslie

    TNA need to get off Jeff Hardy – he’s a criminal sleaze bag. Anderson should have the title because he deserves, which I think he does, not just because they can’t put it on Hardy…