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Jeff Hardy Update, Latest on TNA Re-Branding Their Company & More

– TNA is strongly pushing Jeff Hardy to attend rehab.

– As noted before, TNA officials have been discussing re-branding the company.

There has been talk about doing a new branding campaign which will focus more on the word “impact.” This doesn’t necessarily mean they will be changing their name but they will be pushing the “impact” brand of the show harder and will have a bit of a different look for TV.

TNA changing their name has been discussed for months but Dixie Carter has always been against it because they have spent so many years marketing the name.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • venom

    I think Hogan is going to spray NWO on the TNA logo.

  • allen

    @Mike Oxafloppin hahaha that sounds like the new era hats, is the sponsor.

  • M.C.

    @mike o, that’s cool, but I think that TNA should change its style, not its name

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    What about New Era Wrestling (NEW)? Just throwing that out there

  • stinga

    you need to employ the mad scientist PAUL HEYMAN. let him do what he needs to do to make the company more successfull. Give him creative control and all the whingers in the back who dont like it can go somewere else. i love TNA and want to see it succeed, i get more satisfaction watching TNA (which i cant do anymore here in Australia thanks alot FOX8)than watching WWE.

  • Truthiness

    “Impact Wrestling Federation (or the IWF)” is not catchy. It sounds horrible. Leave the word “federation” in the past, leave “impact” in the past too. They need to completely rebrand with a whole new name. The acronym “TNA” is a joke, and so is the name “Total Non-stop Action.” They need to put a legitimate name on the company if they want it to have legitimate success.

  • theviewtvshow

    notice they want to change their name soon after wwe change theirs to simply wwe?

  • Derp

    TNA is the worst possible name for a company. I say change it

  • Steve

    If TNA would change their name to something legitimate, like say… oh, I don’t know….. Impact Wrestling Federation (or the IWF), everyone would take them more seriously. It’s catchy, it uses the word “impact” and the word “wrestling”…. what’s not to like??? Plus, fans of wrestling love the word federation. Win, win, winning!

  • Gary

    even if they dnt change i can see tna staying for 10 more years, just because so many WWF,WCW,ECW Marks hate the PG WWE. There is issues, IMO, Russo, Hogan (I think maybe Eric would be good without hogan and russo) do what Paul Heyman said, Anyone over 35, gets the axe, sry but it needs to be done…and NEW TEAM of writers, Stop hiring ex-wwe staff, and ex-wwe guys and gals (unless the talent is there, not crowd pop) and STOP REHASING OLD WWF,WCW,ECW STORYLINES!but then again, looking back at my OWN post, you do all that and u got ROH (without bitchoff)so, guess its back to ROH

  • Emerson

    I think they do need a new name, I don’t think of wrestling when I hear TNA I think of either A.) the tag team from wwf with trish or B.) a really bad porno. If they started fresh and got rid of hogan,bischoff and those types and created their own new talent they’d be good to go but right now, I honestly couldn’t see TNA being around in 10 years.

  • RCA

    @Valo487, couldn’t agree more. It seems like the older they are, the more they have their own agenda. Which I guess makes sense. Maybe that should be the formula. Get some youngers wrestlers.

  • Jon

    It simple, Dixie just sell your company, get rid of Hogan and his corines and focus on young talnet. If TNA can’t do that then it a bust simple

  • Valo487

    They need to bring in some people with actual wrestling experience who have the company’s best interest at heart, and not their own agenda.

  • mike

    changing its name isnt going to get it out of its mess its in right now. They need to get rid of people higher up in the business (such as Dixie) and come up with fresh storylines and get rid of this stupid immortal rubbish. Does anyone feel they are a threat?

  • F BOMB

    just bring back the 6 sided ring!