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Jeff Hardy’s Latest YouTube Video & DVD Update, TNA Destination X DVD, More

– TNA will release Destination X on DVD September 20th.

– Mickie James and Alex Shelley will be appearing at Direct Auto Insurance in Orlando, Florida on August 6th, this coming Saturday.

– TNA will be returning to Springfield, Illinois on September 23rd and Hammond, Illinois on September 24th. Tickets go on sale August 12th.

– The new DVD on Jeff Hardy that TNA will be releasing on October 18th is titled “Enigma 2.”

– Speaking of Hardy, he’s back with another YouTube entry:

  • jeff, plz come back to tna. it’s super boring there…

  • talk to frank

    Cant you tell he has a drug addiction

  • Mongo

    I could be wrong but isn’t that place where is house burnt down in ’07-’08? Could have sworn I saw the burnt remains of a house as he was driving up there right before he answered his phone.

  • Trixie

    if there was a point to that video I missed it.

    And why would you hang your paintings in the woods?

  • philly655

    the painting look like one of the characters from the dragonball z cartoon (i forget da name)

  • lynn

    oh i was meant to say there is nothing mental about the video not strange

  • lynn

    oh whatever,,just because he did drugs doesnt make him mental,,if any of you guys really had any interest in jeff since his debut in wwe you would know he has always been strange and mysterious,,there is nothing strange about the video its just jeff showing his cool one of a kind art work,,oh and just because he has a kid doesnt mean he has to change who he is,atleast hes actually sticking by them unlike alot of other wrestlers,,i really wish people would f**k off picking on jeff and get on with there own sad pathetic lives…

  • Also, you’d think that with all the money he made in the WWE and all the money that TNA threw at him that he could at least afford to have that cracked windshield replaced.

  • @dx, Jeff Hardy is a spot monkey. The only reason his matches are “entertaining” is because he jumps off of very high places (no I don’t mean high as in drugs) onto a “prone” opponent.

    His gimmick is garbage too. He appeals to the tweens and early teenage girls and some boys because he plays the “outsider” role as well as giving the impression that he’s “misunderstood because he’s so deep” crap. Many kids will eat that stuff up cause they think they can relate, most kids grow out of this phase while Jeff Hardy obviously didn’t.

  • CM Mark

    Poor, poor Pearl Jam…

  • dx

    horrible jeff has really lost his mind it sucks what an awesome wrestler he was and can really make a difference in any promotion he works for but hes really let himself go, he has a kid no also, its time to grow up jeff

  • moi

    that was terrible.. @Myers…. agreed..

  • Myers

    Looks like Jeff Hardy’s demons caught up with him.