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– TNA will be taping iMPACT tonight in Orlando. Stay tuned later for full spoilers from the tapings.

– Top Rope Belts in Lexington, North Carolina are the ones that made Jeff Hardy’s new Immortal belt, which is being used as Hardy’s TNA World Heavyweight Title. Most feel that the original TNA World Title belt will return once Hardy is no longer Champion or the Immortals angle comes to an end. The Immortal belt design is based on one of Hardy’s paintings.

Top Rope also made a DILLIGAF belt for Shannon Moore but that’s not expected to be used on TV. Word is that Moore wanted to make it a part of his character but TNA decided against the idea.

Partial source: prowrestling.net

  • oxshootslang

    glad drug boy is in crappy tna, makes sence for junkie losers to be there

  • CC

    @Rich, you are a blind moron. Get help.


    DILLIGAF stands for “Do I look like I give a F**k”. Seriously, I’m not joking.

  • gargoylerich

    Also, WTF is a DILLAGAF??

  • gargoylerich

    It looks like the Diva’s title went to Mardi Gras and got thrown up on. You gotta wonder if Hardy will have it tattooed on him when he goes to prison?

  • Trixie

    Hardy’s new belt looks retarded.

  • richard g


  • Rich

    @ CC..You Sound Stupid Cuz That Cena Belt Didn’t Look Half Bad>Edge Made A Spinner Belt Too..This New TNA Belt Dosen’t Even Look That Bad

  • CC

    Oh great, just what we need, a new wrestler specific belt.
    Wasnt the Cena bling/spinner belt enough?

    It was an original idea a decade or so ago when Austin did it, but its not exactly something that should be done again and again.
    God help us if TNA decides to keep that ugly POS like WWE did with Cenas.

  • Al

    not expected to be used on TV becuz shannon wont be winning any titles anytime ever

  • Ric Flair

    The new belt is ugly lol.

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