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Jeff Jarrett Announces His New Promotion Global Force Wrestling

– Jeff Jarrett has announced his new promotion, Global Force Wrestling via SB Nation. Below is their logo:


Jarrett issued a mission statement:

“[WWE] have built a brand over the last 50, 60 years. And truly, [WrestleMania] weekend is the perfect example of just how global their brand is. Professional wrestling has been around since the advent of television. There is definitely room, space for a brand new promotion to come on the scene. And we’re going to put out the very best product that we can. Our mission statement is going to be, right at the very top, that we are going to put out a professional wrestling product that listens to the fans, engages the fans. We are going to immerse ourselves with the wrestling fan and that is going to be first and foremost.”

Below is the full press release:


NASHVILLE — After weeks of speculation and unprecedented internet buzz surrounding the hashtag #ItsComing … IT IS HERE!

Legendary performer and third-generation promoter Jeff Jarrett and his wife, Karen, are set to unveil Global Force Wrestling (, which promises to be the most fan-interactive and immersive wrestling experience in history.

“Because of new media, new technology and more ‘in-tune’ fans than we’ve ever had, wrestling is poised for another boom like it experienced in the mid-1980s and late 1990s,” Jeff Jarrett said. “What we’re going to deliver is a multi-platform, innovative brand that will engage fans in ways they’ve never experienced. It will provide a fresh perspective inside the business that fans have been clamoring for.”

Jarrett, the founder of TNA wrestling and a 12-time world champion who wrestled in WWE, WCW and numerous international promotions, and his wife, Karen, have been laying the foundation for GFW since January 2014.

“Jeff was born into this business,” Karen Jarrett said. “It’s his life’s passion. He saw a unique opportunity to fill a need in professional wrestling, and he has tirelessly devoted himself physically, mentally and emotionally to doing just that.”

Videos of the Jarretts previewing the new promotion attached to the hashtag #ItsComing have garnered more than a million views. Meanwhile, Jeff and Karen have been searching the United States and the international ranks in search of undiscovered talent. The response has been overwhelming, with more than 400 performers from across the globe already in the evolving GFW talent database.

“The reality is we want to build a brand in which fans are watching our wrestlers evolve from day one and are truly invested in the lives of our talent in and out of the ring,” Jarrett said.

Global Force Wrestling expects to make several more key announcements in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

  • The Killswitch

    It screams 90s. I have a bachelor’s for graphic design, and it isn’t interesting or anything. But I’ve seen worse.

  • GlobalDeesNutsMesseJoak

    J Smooth is right on. It looks completely dated and cheesy. And yes, I am a graphic design professional, hence why I can speak on this with confidence. Why are you getting so heated that the logo sucks – Did you create it? Here are 5 reason it sucks: 1. The name 2. The neon green 3. The cheesy globe graphic behind it 4. the photoshopping of the text 5. the drop shadows on the text are all over the place. horrible effects over all. just poor poor design. low budget. that is all. tired of arguing with you.

  • Solid

    Now go grab AJ Styles and scoop up all the good talent from TNA when their contracts come up for the TNA lowball eventually and go from there.


    I think he meant to say dated cuz it looks p me sumn I’d see in the 80s early 90s

  • GlobalDeesNutsMatty

    As I said, Matty, “Not discounting the whole thing based on a logo . . .”. Certainly doesn’t make or break, but it does not look professional at all.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Logo doesn’t make or break a fed, it’s the talent and booking. That said, I hope they succeed because we desperately need competition.

  • Hmm, website full of JJ and KJ. No sign of any talent then…..

  • rob

    “invested in the lives of our talent in and out of the ring”
    i just hope that is not some kind of reality show, like following the wrestlers everywere and stuff, i dont like that

  • GlobalDeesNuts

    Are you kidding me with that logo and name? Global Force? and that fvcking logo. You have got to be kidding. I know it is low budget to start but come on. I am all into it and willing to watch it. Not discounting the whole thing based on a logo, but in my opinion . . . not a good way to start.

  • thepewp

    Bring me something fun, Jeff and I will watch; Please don’t hire any of those clowns that killed WCW and TNA, and that means YOU mister hogan russo bischoff nash…

  • I’m down Jarrett. I need something fresh, new, and honest. I’m a Chikara fan mostly these days, but I’ll bite. Count me in.