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Jeff Jarrett Clarifies TNA Rebranding Initiative, New Live Events Announced

— Jeff Jarrett commented on TNA Wrestling’s rebranding initiative today on Twitter.

In response to a fan querying whether TNA will be renamed, he said the only change being made is Impact being called Impact Wrestling.

Hulk Hogan implied Wednesday on Twitter that TNA will no longer be referred as such, writing, “No TNA. only IMPACT. HH.”

— TNA Wrestling has announced new June live event tour dates for Ohio and Indiana.

Events are scheduled for Thursday, June 23 in Columbus, Ohio; Friday, June 24 in Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Saturday, June 25 in Troy, Ohio.

More information is available here.

— Matt Hardy was announced as a late addition for tonight and tomorrow night’s live events in Arkansas.

  • Mannul

    But they’re probably still gonna call it TNA Impact Wrestling anyways. It’s not like it won’t be TNA’s show anymore. If they wanted a big change then they just should’ve named the compay Impact Wrestling,not just the show.

  • Andrew

    This whole TNA vs The Network concept is nothing new. This was done by ECW when they were on TNN as well. That promo that Robert Roode cut on Hogan on Thursday night is exactly how not only the young wrestlers feel, but the fans as well. Get rid of Hogan and Bischoff, and let Dixie and Jarret run the company.

  • Trixie

    No, me, it was TNA Impact, now it is just Impact Wrestling

  • Me

    So basically they’re just adding the word “Wrestling” to it. It used to be TNA Impact but now it will be TNA Impact Wrestling? I guess that’s how it is. They don’t know how to deliver when they say they have big “surprises”.

  • venom

    So what is Impact’s Thursday night show called? Impact presents Impact.

  • CC

    When you have seen these storylines over the years of one set of owners vs another set of owners (Flair vs Vince, Shane/Steph vs Vince, Heyman vs The Network etc etc) you always knew that it was just storyline. But with TNA and their current “Network” vs Hogan shit, it actually seems to be partially grounded in truth as it seems you have the whole Dixie/Hogan/Bischoff crew on one side and the whole Jarrett crew on the other side, and they really do appear to be trying to make the other side look incompetent, basically meaning that they all look incompetent.

    I really think they have taken a great company that it was for its first five or six years, and turned it into a joke.
    RIP the real TNA.

  • Steve

    I think this clears up exactly what’s wrong with TNA. They’re clueless!

  • Eric Nixon

    @David – what else is new?

  • David

    The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, apparently.