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Jeff Jarrett Comments on Goals for 2011, TNA Competing with WWE and More

– TNA’s Jeff Jarrett spoke with The Baltimore Sun this week. Here are a few highlights:

Without getting into specifics, is TNA profitable at this point?

Absolutely. We turned that corner four or five years ago. Like WWE or any other business, would we like to be making more money? Sure, but the reality is that the U.S. economy is still in a recession, and internationally we have different economies to deal with, but all in all, we’re pleased.

Do you have any specific goals for TNA in 2011?

We want to grow the brand globally. We’ve got a tour of Europe coming next week. We’re looking at taking it potentially to a couple other sites overseas. We want to see the live events continue to grow, [merchandise] to grow. We just want to continue to grow on everything, and that’s sort of a broad answer, but it’s the truth.

It’s been a little over a year since Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came on board with TNA. Are you happy with where the company is at this point?

We have people in positions now more than ever to succeed. And I’m talking about behind the scenes and as far as our roster goes from top to bottom – Kurt Angle, X Division, the Hardys, RVD, Mr. Anderson. We’ve got an incredible roster. Short answer: Yes, I’m very pleased with where we’re headed.

I know that pretty much since the beginning of TNA that you wanted to one day see the company go head-to-head on Monday nights against Raw. That happened in 2010, but, obviously, it didn’t turn out well for TNA. Is that something that you would look to do again at some point in the future, or is it kind of “been there, done that, it didn’t really work so we’re going to stay where we are?”

We learned, just like the wrestling fans learned, that the world has changed. Back in the “Monday Night Wars,” that was before our good little friend called the DVR was around, and you had to flip back and forth. Nowadays, the viewing habits are just entirely different and we found that out. The landscape has changed, so we’ve planted our feet in our ground and we’re making it grow, and that’s our strategy right now. Had we not tried it, though, we would have never found out.

What’s it like working in a story line with your wife and her ex-husband, Kurt Angle?

Well, story line is a word that doesn’t quite actually apply if you know what I mean. Me and Kurt – on a personal note, we’re good; on a professional note, I don’t think we’ll ever be on the same page. But it’s very unique, real, raw emotions. He’ll say his piece, and I’ll say my piece, and probably more importantly, Karen’s going to say her piece. It’s going to be very, very interesting.

  • Vinny

    Vince McMahon – “you know how jeff spells his name, thats j-e- double f? well I think he’ll spell it a different way after tonight. Double G, Double O, Double N, Double E…. Gooooonnnnne!”


  • Vinny

    jarrett is too concerned with hurting wwe out of vengence, just like wcw, eric bischoff were trying to do. Jarrett and TNA want to be on that same level wwe is right now, but its imposible because it will take them years, if not decades, to be where wwe is right now.

    right now vince and wwe execs see the business is down. its a perfect time to build new stars of tomorrow. thats what wwe is doing. TNA? still relying on the hogans, the flairs, the bischoffs, the russos, the hardys, the matt morgans (i hate that guy), and whoever else.

    Id like to see FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling), WWE develpmental, go head to head with TNA. FCW would put them out of business.

  • Vinny

    go globally? not yet, jarrett. Like Eric above said, grow your domestic audience first and maybe, maybe 5-10 years from now you can grow globally.

    I’m a WWE fan and always will be, but WCW tried doing the same thing. They tried to “slay the giant” too soon and it cost them. TNA will eventually be down that path. I don’t know why every new wrestling company thinks Hogan is their savior? Its time for Hogan, Flair, wrestlers that age, to take a back seat already.

  • shawn

    got some tna accountants here. do some of ya guys know how much profit tna is making? i have ABSOLUTELY no idea.

  • Soulshroude

    Well, at least Double J confirmed that he still owns TNA. The rest is pure storyline. Bischoff, Hogan and even Dixie… they may own some shares and stock but they do not own the company.

  • Eric Nixon

    TNA should forget that other countries even exist. They can’t even tour in most US markets. The only places they go to with any real success is the South. Until they can tour wherever they like, domestically, “global expansion” needs to be a 5-10 year goal.

  • Nicholas G

    Oh TNA had a great start when they first came on the sense. They seem like they wanted to push the young guys. But since they started signing all these old WWE stars it been going downhill for TNA. An it has gotten even worst since Hogan and Bischoff got there two guys who really have no idea on how to push young talent. All they done since they got to TNA is the same thing they did in WCW before it went out of business. Just push the older wrestler thinking it going to help the ratings and buy rate of the PPV. But all they done is make things worst. I really don’t see anybody buying TNA PPV because Jeff Hardy is the champion. I believe when Jeff Hardy got busted the as soon as he left the WWE. A lot of wrestling fans had enough of Jeff Hardy BS. But me personally I never care for Jeff or Matt Hardy. To me these guys are one of the most overrated wrestlers in wrestling. An if TNA planing to build there company around Jeff Hardy it going to be a bad idea because Jeff Hardy is not that exciting and to me when I watch him live he seems very sloppy with his wrestling moves in the ring.

    In closing I wish TNA still had the drive to push young talent but it seems like now WWE is the one pushing the young talent. An yeah WWE ratings are not that great right now but it going to change. Because it only a matter of time until one of those young talent in the WWE breakout.


    i actually preferred tna when it first started, when they used the nwa belt, when jeff jarrett and aj styles used to fued over it, then ron killings got in the mix, 3 live kru, red shirt security, americas most wanted, simon diamond, low ki, dusty rhodes was gm or soemthing along those lines, dustin runnells, james mitchell and his new church, my first ever introduction to the amazing cm punk. the list could go on and on.

    i have increasingly disliked the product as more and more former wwe guys have come in and even more so since hogan, bischoff and jeff hardy. i just cant seem to get into the shows, its like they have no direction and the same crap happens over and over again.

    bring back the old days, where the wrestlers where new to me and it was exciting instead of predictable.

  • Nicholas G

    Jeff Jarrett must be drinking the Hulk Hogan kool aid because I haven’t seen TNA make any kind of money. An at this point I have no interest what so every to watch TNA. I think TNA has not improve but has gotten worst there is no upside to TNA what so every. They keep signing these big name talent from WWE and they have gotten nothing back. While WWE is not signing any old wrestler they are pushing the young guys right now an its only a matter of time until the young guys break out in the WWE. While TNA lives in the past WWE lives in the future. So why TNA counties to push the old talent WWE will push the new talent. This is what WWE does when the business is down they don’t push the older talent they push the younger guys. Hogan he don’t know how to push young talent because he has no idea how the wrestling business works. Yes Hogan did so big things for the business but that don’t mean he understands the business.

    In closing TNA is not going to be going up against WWE ever again. The reason why they fail going up against WWE last January was because nobody really watch TNA. They said they want to go globe yet they can’t every sell out in the states. So how the heck do they think they are going to do better over seas. In the end Jeff Jarrett is just another guy drinking Hulk Hogan kool aid.

  • Juggalo

    He does seem to be just… trying to be a company boy. I didn’t like the interview, I wish he woulda kept it more real cause we all know TNA isn’t doing as good as he just tried to make it sound.

    And @CC…. “If TNA wants to go directly head to head with WWE, they need to move away from the poor mans WWE copycat format, and put on PPV level shows week in and week out.”

    Amen dude.

  • CC

    So its because DVR’s didnt exist back then? Ok, I’ll go along with that, cause its not like VCRs existed and people tape traded … oh!!

    And at the end of the day, DVR has nothing to do with it. If TNA was geniunly the better product it would be Raw that people were recording and Impact that people watched live.

    Quite simply put, people can insult Raw and WWE til they are blue in the face, but its still 10 times the product that TNA is.
    If TNA wants to go directly head to head with WWE, they need to move away from the poor mans WWE copycat format, and put on PPV level shows week in and week out.

  • Jared S.

    cuz america likes phony crap that isn’t worth the light of day
    guys like bill hicks and doug stanhope for example like to travel to oversees like england because the people over there appreciation the truth and good quality wrestling. they do not buy that phony crap
    tna has bad story lines but wrestling is amazing
    people don’t care about the story they just want to see great wrestling

  • Chris E.

    Censored the word C.R.A.P. Ha, ha, nice
    “for the most part is ****,”

  • Chris E.

    TNA need a total revamp and come up with better better formatting and organization. I watch every week and it seems that a lot of the show is thrown together 5 minutes before they start. I’m sure that isn’t the case but it sure feels that way. The announcing team has got to go as well, unfortunately (never had much time for Tenay and I like Tazz but it really needs to be better).

    I really don’t want to see a bunch of WWE stars come over to TNA, either. WWE style of wrestling for the most part is crap, and TNA used to have better wrestling. But, the new WWE guys bring the crappy wrestling style with them. When a WWE star used to come in they tried to fit the TNA mold and bust their asses (Tomko, Christian, Angle) but the new TNA is more like WWE (wrestling-wise), and I already get 4 hours of that a week, and I don’t need any more.

  • thetalkingbox

    yeah because of DVR’s

  • david said so

    maybe your goal should be to overtake sd then raw but since its tna itll never happen