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Jeff Jarrett Discusses Kurt Angle, TNA’s Recent Changes, the AAA Title

– Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with Here are some highlights:

Q: You just got back from a AAA show in Mexico, where you unexpectedly won the AAA World Heavyweight Title. How important is that relationship toward expanding TNA internationally?

A: You nailed it. It’s all part of an international presence. I guess you could say the title speaks for itself. The presence that TNA has in Mexico right now, it’s all a part of expanding the brand, growing the brand. And it’s the continuous evolution, so to speak, of TNA, and just broadening our reach.

Q: After so many years of turmoil, how would you describe the dynamic between yourself and Kurt Angle?

A: I’ve said this on the record many times: I believe when we step into the ring to face each other we bring out the best in each other. We’ve pulled out some of the hardest-hitting, best matches. It’s a healthy business relationship, and an even better family situation. But Kurt’s Kurt, and Jeff’s Jeff, and put us two in the ring and we’re going to have some fireworks, no doubt about it.

Q: TNA has changed the name of its show to “Impact Wrestling” to emphasize its wrestling content. But there are still a bunch of backstage vignettes. How is the show changing creatively other than just a name change?

A: That is something the viewer needs to decide. Because at the end of the day, from the day this company was founded, we strived to put out the very best in-ring product that we possibly can. Are we going to please everyone? Absolutely not. Are we going to try different things at different times and get great results? Yes. And sometimes we’re going to get bad results. But that’s all a part of growing a business and taking chances and trying to seize certain opportunities to help a business grow. I’ve been asked that question before about “Impact Wrestling.” The wrestling’s in the name, I totally understand that, the rebranding. But the viewers are going to have to decide on a weekly basis what they like and what they don’t like.

  • sandman

    jeff jarrett cant draw shit

  • RUSTanator

    i actually loved tna when it first started, its was crude, had poor production value but the wrestling and storylines where good, jarrett and styles rivalry was class, ravens fued with that reverend guy, erik watts constantly running around with a baseball bat in his hands. the emergence of ron killings in the title picture.

    for me the as the years went by and more and more older guys where brought in the worse it got.

  • CC

    “But the viewers are going to have to decide on a weekly basis what they like and what they don’t like”
    Thankyou Jeff. At last, someone who realises (unlike that tool Gunner) that if you piss off the fans, you lose the fans. If you entertain the fans, they will recommend to other wrestling fans.

    I do feel sorry for Jeff, cause despite my annoyance with him giving himself the title every other week when the promotion started, he did actually give us a damn good wrestling promotion, and Dixie and Hulk etc turned it into an entertainment promotion that pretends its a wrestling promotion.

  • GreasyRabbit75

    Jarrett talks a good game about how “the viewers are going to have to decide on a weekly basis what they like and what they don’t like”, but if they don’t change anything based on that fan response, then it’s just words and the product will continue to suffer.