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Jeff Jarrett Talks About Daniel Bryan And WWE Calling Women Wrestlers ‘Divas’

Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with Paul Cooper of The World According To Wrestling about various topics. Here are the highlights:

On whether he would want to work with Daniel Bryan if he became available:

He’s a fantastic talent, it goes without saying. Bryan Danielson connected with that audience. The Yes chants took over. He’s a phenomenal in ring performer. Who wouldn’t? If you were running a wrestling promotion who wouldn’t want to work with that guy?

On the term ‘Divas’ and the revolution in women’s wrestling:

Our championship is going to be called the Women’s Championship. And I understand the terms Divas and Knockouts and all sorts of things like that and that goes with the history of our business. But my track record speaks for itself – I’m a huge believer in women’s wrestling. And when you get highly competitive, highly athletic women, they can have just as competitive, just as entertaining, just as good a match as a man. Look at Ronda Rousey. She’s the hottest box office attraction for the UFC so there’s no reason that that can’t happen in professional wrestling.

On whether there is a glass ceiling for Black wrestlers:

Absolutely not. The biggest box office attraction that this business has ever produced ever – in the history of it – is half black. That should answer your question.

On how Global Force Wrestling with be different to other promotions:

For the last ten to fifteen years, most wrestling promotions have acted like other wrestling promotions didn’t exist. We’re going to take a 180 to that and recognize other promotions and do our best to work with them on as many different levels as possible.

Before I was a promoter I was obviously a wrestler and behind every wrestler is a real story, a very authentic one. We’re going to document the stories and then obviously we’re going to take the wrestlers from promotions around the world and put them under one umbrella. Yes we’re going to have our core roster. We’re also going to have anything from the biggest international stars to the very local level of the independent scene. And a little bit of everything in between.

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  • Chris E.

    I think that is a loaded question but I like Jeff’ answer. It isnt just based on color. You have individual’ personalities, bad attitudes, personal problems, people in charge have their favorites, politics and crowd reaction, merchandise movers. Just too many factors to blame it solely on color.

  • TheFizPop

    But HALF Jeffery HALF!! Enough of both shades to be marketable in wwe’s books.