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Jericho Addresses Fans’ Criticism Over Match Outcome On This Week’s SmackDown

Former WWE star Chris Jericho addressed fans’ criticism in regards to Christian dropping his newly World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton at Tuesday’s SmackDown taping in Orlando, Florida.

He wrote on Twitter, “Hey everyone bitching about (Christian) losing the title, have you ever thought that maybe it’s just the beginning of a bigger storyline?”

Upon the news surfacing, fans bombarded WWE’s Twitter account with negative feedback. Joey Styles responded to upset fans with the following: “When sending hate tweets to myself or @WWE because of @Christian4Peeps, @RandyOrton and the World Heavyweight Championship, please be PG ;)”

Meanwhile, Orton responded to the negativity by retweeting the following message: “You won the title. Vince has no idea how much people are hating YOU on the Internet. I hope you continue to lose all your fans.”

He later added, “Biggest change from Raw to Smackdown…Ignorance x Jealousy + Spoilers = entertaining tweets!! Keep em coming!!”

  • mr funktastic

    Look Im a huge christian fan and no one was more dissappointed about his bogus title reign than me…..but all you saying you arent gonna watch wwe anymore because of it please just give it a rest already!!!!!! You are gonna whine and you are gonna complain but you are gonna tune in every week just like always. How else are you gonna hate on Orton, and how else will you find out if Christian gets his vindication or not. Your threats are hollow… know it , I know it, and more importantly Vince McMahon knowsit Thats why Vince knows he can pull our strings and watch us dace like the little puppets we are! LMAO

  • M.C.

    @venom, I actually can see christian winnin mitb. good idea, but WWE likes to do the wrong thing, so I anticipate orton losing the title to m. Henry or something before sd’s mitb, then become a surprise entrant, win mitb, & cash it it on m. Henry or whoever won the belt, then win it back again. bottom line is….. Orton keeps title, Christian doesn’t win mitb


    We’re all mad at the fact that it was only a 2 day reign, a guy whos been in the WWE for years now FINALLY gets the title an then loses it 2 days later. They even had one of those compilation of his career things for him on We’re all pissed at the fact that he didn’t even get to defend the title on a PPV and have a story build up or anything. They let the fans chose his opponent between 3 people who 2 of them obviously wouldn’t of won, and then had him face and lose the title.
    And like some people said if this is a part of a bigger storyline then it still wouldn’t of end with Christian getting the title back. After the storyline he would probably go back to being a mid carder, competting with Sheamus for the IC title. It doesn’t matter how big the pop he got from winning the title at ER is, Vince just doesn’t like him as worl champ and that leas to him losing the strap in 2 days. Complete and utter bullshit. Letting him hold the title was Vince way of saying thank you to Christian and edge, but then dropping it 2 days later was an indirect way of saying fuck you IMO.

  • Davey

    Why is everyone creaming themselves at this Christian heel turn? It’s starting to get really dull now. Everyone criticised Wrestlemania 27 because there were no surprises but then complained that Christian didn’t turn heel like they expected him to (surely making it a surprise that he stayed face?).
    WWE has a serious lack of credible faces at the moment. Cena and Orton get criticised as much as they are cheered, Edge is gone, The Undertaker won’t be back anytime soon, Morrison is too awkward on the mic. The likes of Bryan, Kofi and Sin Cara are works in progress.
    That pretty much leaves Christian, The Big Show, Rey and Kane. Christian makes a good heel but he’s also credible and over as a face. Guys like R Truth and Mark Henry needed the heel turns to try and inject some life into their stale characters, if Christian is pushed right he can achieve top face status.
    If Christian turns heel then a top heel will need to turn face pretty damn soon

  • venom

    Christian will probably win MITB and cash it in on Orton that night to get his title back. This will be a heel turn. Just wait.

  • Big Daddy

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! Christian lost the title already?! Total bullshit. Could WWE be anymore stupid?! FUCK WWE!

  • JOE

    First of all i’m not complaining, so I don’t why your saying YOU. Second, people are alway’s going to complain it’s human nature. I don’t know why you don’t understand that. Look what i’m telling you is that you need to find something more constructive with your life, other then coming on here and telling people to stfu, don’t watch wwe if you don’t like it, etc. You can’t physcally stop people from coming on here and complaining it’s a waste of your time.

  • Stevie

    No because you guys seem to always criticize the WWE yet still watch it.

  • JOE

    @stevie here’s a better concept stop clicking on christian related article’s talking shit about people complaing about the issue.

  • Stevie

    Then here’s a concept guys….don’t watch.

  • Paton

    actually gave a shit about someone winning the title for the first time in 3 years and now he loses it straight away, leaves a bad taste

  • Valo487

    I normally think Jericho’s pretty smart, but I don’t agree with him on this at all. This just reeks of Vince’s personal feelings spilling out all over the place. He let Christian win it, possibly as a favor to Edge who I believe said he wanted his last match to be against Christian a while back as a bookend to his career, and then immediately put the title on Orton. I just don’t see how there could be a bigger picture, Orton and Christian are both faces, so unless one turns there’s no feud to be made, and frankly a lot of the gnashed teeth are due to the disrespectful way this was done. Christian didn’t even get to hold the belt for a month until the next PPV before they took it off of him, and he wasn’t beaten down before the match or anything like that, it’s almost as though they couldn’t stand to even have him as the Champion, even though he can outperform the majority of people they’ve put the belt on in recent years.

    It’s become painfully clear that WWE can’t stand to have the belt on anyone other than Cena or Orton, anytime they let someone else have it they always seem to drop it back to Cena or Orton, and if you don’t believe me ask Miz or Sheamus. Now that Orton’s on Smackdown, it seems very obvious that Raw will be the Cena show and Smackdown will be the Orton show, and frankly I have no interest in watching either anymore. Edge retired, CM Punk is perpetually losing, Christian is disrespected and Morrison is burying himself. I have no reason to watch anymore. I’m not even mad about it, I just don’t feel like being frustrated by something that’s supposed to be entertaining.

  • @Devil_Rising…those aren’t Orton’s words. He RE-tweeted that message…someone sent him that message about himself.

  • @Logan…LOVE the froot reference!! Haha.

  • ICE

    if u follow y2j and cm punk on twitter, they can be funny but very snarky often. yea it could be the start of a bigger storyline but how bad do u make christian look having him drop the title 3 days after winning it. edge was called a transitional champion for holding it a month so i guess christian should be considered less than that in everyone’s eyes. what a way to piss on christian’s parade.

  • Aaron

    I’m thinking Christian didn’t know they were going to make him drop the belt until Tuesday. He probably has every negative comment in his head that’s been posted. Why not complain? Christian is the consumate professional. When he left, he fulfilled his contractual obligations. He’s not going to speak up and hurt his career. That’s why it’s up to his fan, his Peeps if you will, to voice their disapproval of whats going on. To be honest, no title change in recent history has drawn as much feedback on the message boards as Christians title win. Its proof his fans are out there, listening, they care, they love Christian. He’s great! Who hasn’t followed him since the attitude era? He’s a long-term, hard-working, dedicated employee whom everyone can relate to. Orton and Cena have had everything handed to them since day one. Cena’s first televised match was against Kurt Angle! They were pushing him, grooming him to be a star since his arrival. The Rock said it best, “Hot Garbage”. Same thing for Orton. He hasn’t EARNED the respect that Christian has. Soap Opera for men or not, Christian is someone to admire, someone we should all strive to be. He choose his craft, worked hard at it every day, blazed his own trail and if he is only recognized as the best of the best for 48 hours, those are the 48 hours I paid more attention to than any other in wrestling history.

  • RAMSES 2
  • RAMSES 2


  • Bcvs

    A two day title reign is better than Edge or Dil Ruo winning it,right peeps?

    I totally agree that it was very very harsh but let’s face it,you want Christian to save you from the PG shit but fact is,he’s not championship material.
    Don’t refer to TNA coz it’s a pathetic joke of a show.
    Hulko Gun didn’t make wrestling,I did by buying DVDs regularly,LOL…infact we fans except those who download did.

  • Stevie


    Thing is, I’m guessing Christian knew that his reign would last only 2 days. I’m sure that they didn’t go to him right after he won it and said, “Ok, now you’re gonna lose it in 2 days to Orton.” He must have known and I don’t see him complaining.

  • JOE

    @viper so your saying fans of chrstian should’nt be upset that he had a two day title reign???? Why because he dropped it to orton?? Im not even a fan of chrsitan but that’s bogus, they could of have just let chrstian drop the title to orton at over the limit. Your obviously a orton, but deep down inside you know that christian having a two day title reign is b.s.

    p.s. coming on here and telling people to stfu is more annoying as people complaining about it.

  • The Stone Cold Truth

    fuck sakes people it’s just a tv show. Jericho is right. It will develop into something more Im sure.

  • Dbro

    Lol. Some of you people are sad. Smackdown has gotten more attention with the spoiler that came out than it’s had in a long time. WWE knows it wont lose some of yall losers, the E is just happy for the attention on smackdown

  • KGM Da Master

    Alberto Del Rio! He should be the one complaining. After watching all the redneck fans cry about Christian, this is twice Del Rio has been screwed from winning the belt he beat upcoming legends and got the push he deserves. I must admit, I didn’t like Del Rio at first but watching his in ring technique has only gotten better since he came to WWE. Now, John Cena has a cast of young heels to run through BORING! Wrestling is slowly becoming a mere soap that is contained with actors and actresses. Christian as a wrestler is good but as a actor he always lacked accountability on the mic too command a crowd. Orton isn’t the right guy either. Peace

  • Viper

    Man…. For all the Orton haters on here…. Stop saying you won’t watch, and it’s B.S…. You obviously watch and will continue to watch. So stop crying, and STFU!!! I hope Orton goes on a HHH run with titles, really give these pansies something to cry about, lol… R…K…O…

  • Devil_Rising

    Who exactly was Orton referring to when he said “You won the title, Vince has no idea how much people are hating on you, hope you lose all your fans”? That’s pretty cryptic, yet obviously a direct attack on….somebody.

  • Jimbo

    Look, the point is everybody knew the Superman run for Orton with the WHC was coming….but damn it all, a 2 fucking day title reign?! They didn’t have the common decency to wait until the next PPV, that’s what’s making people go apeshit.

  • KitKrock



    joey styles rules tho .. 🙂

  • Stevie


    No way that Christian is as popular as Orton. Not even close.

  • Jacob

    I don’t blame Orton for the Christian situation but Randy is a stone cold douchebag…There is no denying this.

  • Bill

    Looks like Jericho & I have something in common…. we both think the same think about this whole situation. I say this will lead to a huge storyline with Christian where he finally makes that heel turn we’ve been waiting for since he returned.

  • ed risk

    @ Stevie,

    “Orton is much bigger than Christian”

    I dont think that true!, see Orton is a more acomplish wresler, even better wresler in the mat than christian (i can give u that), but when Capn Charisma took that belt from the top of the ladder thats a historic moment in WWE history, only comparable to the first reigh of Shawn Michaels or Eddy Guerrero or even Cena (before becaming Superman)

    The underdog rising to the top, a guy who came back from a carrere ending injury to capture his lifelong dream.

    DAMN’ thats telling us, IT DOSENT MATTER WHATS IN YOUR WAY, IF U PUT YOUR MIND TO IT U CAN DO IT!. So right now, Orton aint begger that Christian!

    And I trully hope there a better story – line building for the re capture of belt, because if not, writers should be killed or fired.
    On top Orton and Cena, how original!

  • Tandy Porton

    Well, we’ll just have to wait and see how this story plays out before we pass judgment. Christian may turn out to be a good draw in the “chaser” role. Remember, it takes more than just one guy (in this case, the champ, Orton) to draw–it takes two (or more depending on the match). Heel Triple H was a huge part of the draw from 1999-2001 in his matches with Austin, The Rock, Foley, and Jericho the same as face Foley was part of the draw with super-over heel Rock in 1999. So, again, Christian can still draw with a good title chase. I would actually go with a lengthy chase where he has a few near-misses before he finally ends up getting the title back. Winning back the title would be more special, and this feud could also lead to the title actually becoming relevant and having meaning again. That’s what they seem to be doing with The Miz over on Raw–the title means something. That’s just my two cents.

  • Titan

    The beggining of a storyline? I should say the end of a storyline

  • Peeparooni Pizza

    As much as Randy has just lost some of my respect with that tweet, it’s not his fault. It’s Vince and creative. We shouldn’t be surprised cos they always come up with complete shit. Hope i’m wrong but i don’t believe for one second Christian is going to get the title back, certainly not from super untouchable Randy.

  • Stevie

    Remember guys that he wasn’t even supposed to be in the match with Del Rio let alone win the title. Edge’s retirement threw a HUGE monkey wrench into things that looks like they left the writer’s scrambling. I’m not making excuses but I’m sure they wanted the title on a HUGE face and you guys can cry all you want but Orton is much bigger than Christian.

  • CM Mark

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Jimbo

    So we’re supposed to believe that Christian, who wasn’t even in the plans to touch the WHC, miuch less win it, is now going to be a part of a bigger storyline involving said WHC? Bull-fucking-shit.

  • Satan

    At least Jericho doesn’t call the fans retards like Chavo does and some other ppl like Bishoff

  • Hunter

    Bigger storyline? Maybe, but can’t really see vinnie mac putting the title back on Christian for a loooong time. Didn’t even allow him enough time to see if he could draw.

    Regarding orton- not his fault that the powers who be decided to give him the title.

  • Vincent

    Hi Sammo…”retweeting the following message: “You won the title. Vince has no idea how much people are hating YOU on the Internet. I hope you continue to lose all your fans.””

    He was, um, retweeting a negative comment a fan tweeted at him.

    The clue is in “RETWEETING.”

  • Sammo

    Huh? I don’t understand Orton’s first Tweet at all… These guys really should be banned from Twitter. Wrestlers all talk so much shit. I blame Matt Hardy – the biggest twat of them all – for starting the trend.

  • Tom

    I agree with Jericho but I am still speechless and actually upset he was only given a two day reign.

    I haven’t jumped out of my seat and cheered a WWE title change in years. Last time I came close was when HBK almost beat Cena at WM23. I do hope he gets it back.

  • d

    Jericho is right most fan over reacted ( I’m one) i think Vince’s past with christian is a big influence in that though

  • CM Mark

    What a stupid tweet Orton. Seriously? LOL.

  • Vincent


    Actually he could have put it better. He could have spelt properly.

  • Logan

    Y2J is fucking FROOT!

  • Prince

    Jericho telling it like it is. Love it! I could see a Christian heel turn coming. He gets angry about losing the title so fast, and takes his rage out on everyone in his path. Could have a nice feud with Orton.

  • RAMSES 2

    WWE!!!! Let me tell you something, pendejo. You pull any of your crazy shit Again with us, you flash a piece out on the lanes, I’ll take it away from you, stick it up your ass and pull the fucking trigger ’til it goes “click.”

  • The Fisherman

    @the great one
    internet + douchebag = ignorant internet bitch that needs to get out his momma’s basement. wah wah wah CaptianCharisma lost, did you stop to think it might be part of a bigger storyline? Hell even if CC kept the belt, the momment he losses it you nerds will bitch anyway. it’s not like you hating orton hurts him, he doesnt give a shit. HA HA HA ima step back & let you keyboard warriors go at it. bye guys

  • RJ

    completely agree with jericho ppl are always over reacting

  • Damien Phoenix

    Well let’s just see how it goes and if he never gets it back than it just sucks

  • lol

    @The Great One You couldnt of put it any better

  • The Great One

    Cunt x Asshole + Bactsgae Politicing wanker = Randy The Prick Boreton

  • Richard

    Jericho speaks sense unlike the vast majority of idiots on the internet.