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Jericho Doing Advice Column, More on WWE Bringing SmackDown Stars to RAW

– Weekly rock magazine Kerrang! noted on Twitter that Chris Jericho will be doing some sort of advice column for them. Fans can e-mail their problems to and Jericho will “dish out the advice.”

– Another reason why WWE is bringing SmackDown stars to RAW from here on out is because they’re hoping more star-power on Monday nights will help the RAW ratings.

The quarter-hour ratings with top names have been doing good but the numbers for some of the mid-card talent aren’t. The feeling internally is that they need more big names on Monday nights.

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  • breezy

    smackdown has one guy with a superstar calliber and thats randy orton and thats because they dont let him lose to anyone… austin lost, rock lost, hhh lost, hbk lost, and none of these guys lost any star credibilty… with always cena and orton in the championship no one can move up and make stars out of themselfs. they’re at a point they never need to win another belt and they will still be the top man of the shows. its embarassing. cut off the damn brand split and let everyone on every show. have a orton vs cena match to bury one of them already

  • Smackdown has like 4 guys, lol.

  • simon07

    Smackdown! doesn’t really have that many wrestlers with ‘star power’ though.

  • Snark Mark

    The era of the Super Show has begun…. for as long as Monday Night Football is kicking our ass.