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Jericho Asked About AW’s Release, Reks & Hawkins Working RAW/SD, More

– SmackDown General Manager Booker T noted that the hardcopy version of his new book From Prison to Promise will be in stores September 1st but can be pre-ordered through iBook. Booker sold around 300 copies of his book at the Chicago Comic-Con this weekend.

– WWE Diva Eve Torres is featured on NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes reality TV show. It premieres tonight at 8pm EST on NBC.

– Tyler Reks said on Twitter that he and Curt Hawkins will be working this week’s RAW and SmackDown.

– Chris Jericho took fan questions on Twitter this weekend and was asked about WWE releasing AW. He replied:

“It’s a drag. But it’s not the attitude era anymore”

  • SYM

    @Nicholas I think you missed a Few letters when you were typing up your Two Cents. To respond to your “Nobody thought your Rape Joke was funny” Comment theres atleast 20 people on this website who beg to differ. I’m one of them. And you really are Jaw Broke, because “You Internet People are so ouy of your mind” is More Lame than Middleton calling Triple H “Hunter”.

  • Nicholas

    You know the more I see this AW crap on the internet the less and less I miss the guy. You internet people are so out of your mind always siding with the guy who just got can for opening his big month. AW keeps saying how it was not fair due you made a joke about Kobe rapes crime and nobody though it was funny. Good luck on you stand up career because most likely it is going to suck. Heck none of you new who AW was or care who he was until he got can.

  • poko

    fake poko stop it!

  • ChrisDV

    @ Robinson

    Probably because the Jericho/flag thing was a work – It was an excuse to write him off TV so he could play some gigs with Fozzy.

  • poko


    Did you just call a childish rape joke “dynamic humor”? I’ve come to the conclusion that AW didn’t get fired for the Kobe joke, strictly speaking, but for the lack of common sense exhibited in telling that joke and not understanding why he wasn’t supposed to use humor that would clearly create backlash for the WWE.

  • Robinson

    Im suprised aw didnt bring up the fact that Jericho broke the law and was almost arrest in another country lol

  • Bill

    Jericho’s right. It isn’t the attitude era anymore & dynamic humor & entertainment isn’t allowed anymore.

  • Tyson Kidd is better than everyone of you

    a.w sucks balls