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Jericho Calls Benoit One of the Best, Talks About Returning to WWE

– Alex Marvez of recently spoke with Chris Jericho. Here are a few highlights:

Chris Benoit:
“He was one of the best of all time, but I don’t know how you can ever watch a Chris Benoit match and get into it knowing what this man did. I now watch my matches with him with a cold heart. I hate to say it, but it’s almost like listening to a Charles Manson album. The guy was a talented writer and singer, but is that really what you want to listen to?”

Returning to WWE:
“When the time comes for me to come back, you’re not going to see the suits and slow-talking Jericho anymore. Now when you turn on WWE, every heel is talking like that and wearing a suit. I refuse to do it. It’s not about what happened in the past. It’s about reinventing yourself for the future. I’ve only been gone four months. WWE is doing fine without Chris Jericho.”

  • Treg

    I wonder what the next evolution of Jericho will be

  • Tim

    In my opinion, Benoit had much better matches in wcw, as he fought to be noticed. Benoit’s matches with Jericho and William regal (a few matches on velocity many years back) were amazing. He may not have been a great storyteller in the wwe ring, but his athleticism was unmatched by most. However, it is very hard to watch a Benoit match now knowing the events that happened. Anybody who harms a defenseless child is a monster. I’ll still remember when I thought he was a talented performer, but just can’t stomach to watch his matches now.

  • Jeff

    this opinion has nothing to do with what benoit did to his family. I never understood why benoit was considered such a great wrestler. I mean, all he did was crappy chops, 2000 german suplexes, and two submission moves (my grandma can do a submission move, its not hard).

  • Aaron

    on a completely different note Jericho is right. It always make me laugh when I watch HHH if he is in jeans he is going to be face, if he comes out in a suit he is a heal. It is just stupid almost. Are wrestling fans(myself included) really that nieve that we see a guy in jeans and a tshirt and go “yeah I can relate to that guy” then turn around and see a guy in a suit and say “#**@ that guy he is in a suit he must be up to no good”

  • stone cold

    i am not going to say that what he has done to his wife and son but i will say with brain injury he didnt know what he was doing. it is sick that he killed them but he was sick as well. Im not going to take sides but you damage your brain as much as he did his then tell me you would be normal

  • Chris

    It’s impossible to watch his matches and not have the fact that he murdered his wife and son, than took the cowards way out in the back of your mind. Brain injury or not.

  • Stockshark

    WOW REALLY!! Dude killed his family and he gets all this love in here DAMN SICK JUST SICK!!! R.I.P WOMAN!!!

  • mj

    y2j might be growing his hair back out you never know. Chris benoit was and still is the greatest wrestler of all time! but i block what happened out of my memory

  • mark

    i agree Benoit was a class wrestler , remember his WCW matches and his match against Bret hart and austin in WWE in his hometown.

  • misfit del rio

    All I can say is come back sooner than later. And as far as the benoit thing goes, he’s right he was one of the best ever ( still one of my favorite wrestlers), but just do what I do when it comes to watching a benoit match, detach all emotion from it and you’ll be fine.