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Jericho Comments on Mystery Promos, Foley Discusses Segment with Cena, JTG

– WWE Superstar JTG turns 27 years old today while former WWE Light Heavyweight Champion Essa Rios turns 33.

– Here is part 3 of Arda Ocal’s interview with Mick Foley. In this video, Foley discusses his recent segment with John Cena on RAW, what WWE Superstars he would like to face and more:

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter regarding the cryptic promos that have been airing on WWE TV:

“Haven’t watched Raw in a month and I haven’t seen the mystery promos. Sorry…don’t know and don’t care so u can stop asking.”

  • nick

    punk vs y2j reminds me of edge vs jericho… and that match didnt do anything

  • Zach D

    Very interesting. That has makings of match of the year

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Zach D

    That actually makes perfect sense. Punk vs Jericho at WM 28? Interesting

  • zach d

    It is obvious. In the promo the kid says he is returning to take what is rightfully his. Which is the title of best in the world which y2j started so it is rightfully his

  • Prince

    This is what Jericho should be doing. He’s obviously not gonna hint that it’s him. They’ll do whatever they can to hide it. Such as make it seem like it’s the Undertaker.

  • Cm Punk 86`

    God Jericho is the worst liar ever cm punk best in the world and y2j best in show hes just punks b!*ch lol

  • TheMark

    The more he protests, the more you know it’s him.

  • Glenn

    @Mike Don’t read articles about him then.

  • mike

    so sick of hearing about jericho ..

  • robert

    jericho=douchebag, that is if its really not about him

  • Stevie P

    Even if it is Jericho, do you guys really expect him to say “Yeah it’s me!” You’d be pissed if he ruined it as I expect that we’d all want to mark the fuck out when he makes is return.

  • david said so

    my money is on ryback to early for taker

  • Tyler(:

    Cos a super promo for Brodus Clay would be a tad dumb?

  • JK Thunder

    Why wouldn’t it be Brodus Clay?

  • Caedius

    The mystery promos are similar to Undertaker’s American Bad-Ass gimmick return at Vengeance of 2001. There were children in the videos that were constantly chanting about the return of a savior. Although the children in the prior promos were mainly female, they were still children nonetheless.

    Combined with recent reports of Undertaker shaving his head bald, one could reasonably assume that the promos are for the return of The Undertaker in an American Bad-Ass-like gimmick, just in time for The Road To Wrestlemania.

  • Ron

    I believe, it’s either jericho or Shane mcmahon

  • venom

    It’s okay Jericho. We know it’s for you.