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– Ultimate Death Match, a new movie featuring several former WWE stars, will be released on DVD at Walmart stores on March 22nd. Here is the synopsis:

“Starring WWF & WWE Superstar Al Snow! A desperate man will do desperate things – and Kid Kash is about to find out how far he’ll go to protect the love of his life. “Ultimate Death Match” is back, and this time the stakes are even higher! Featuring: Kevin Nash, Shane Douglas, Johnny Swinger, The Sandman, Larry Zabisco, Raven, Lodi and Al Snow. “Ultimate Death Match II” lifts the lid on the explosive world of death match wrestling. Behind the Scenes Featurette, Blooper Reel, Original Trailer, Promotional Material.”

– A Twitter account for Trish Stratus’ new movie Bail Enforcers has been opened @bail_enforcers.

– As noted before, Kelly Kelly and The Bella Twins attended an ESPN Super Bowl party this weekend. The part was actually ESPN The Magazine’s NEXT VIP Party and lots of big name celebrities were there including Kid Rock, Reggie Bush, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Nick Jonas and others. The party was held at a private ranch in Fort Worth, Texas.

– As noted before, it will be WWE SmackDown Night at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC on April 4th for the Charlotte Checkers hockey game. It was just announced that Chris Masters will be the WWE Superstar taking part in the meet and greet that night.

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter last night while watching UFC 126: “Ok guess I’m the only “old school pro wrestler” to say it…screw UFC fighters. U could NEVER do what me and my brothers do.”

  • http://facebook,com dong

    they should hold a ufc special WWE vs UFC
    cena vs lesnar
    hhh vs Dos santos
    Jericho vs Carwin

  • http://facebook,com dong

    Chris Jericho is a stupid little bitch. He is a fake wrestler

  • http://mj380766@hotmail.com mj

    wait do you guys even wrestle or do mma? hell no! all of you are marks!

  • drizzt73

    They all can whip all of our rears, leave it at that. Except Michael Cole we can take that wuss.

  • BrockLesnarTurtleDance

    Alberto Del Rio did MMA (with his mask, no less) and got his head kicked off.

    Anyway, I’d assume it goes without saying that a pro-wrestler could do his job better than an MMA fighter and an MMA fighter could outfight a pro-wrestler. The miniscule amount of crossover success really doesn’t count for anything when you consider the thousands of guys in their respective fields who wouldn’t be able to do the other.

  • bjw

    jmart what are you talking about you are making the case for the wrestlers in your arguement brock was a wrestler first before mma so its prover a wrestler can do that and shamrock is elderly he was the only big name in a noname sport so he kinda should be considered a wrestler plus he didn’t wrestle long.

  • Michael

    mma fighters have a harder schedule with training non stop, wwe schedule is mostly travel but hello so do mma fighters and wwe performers so go through near the amount of pain mma fighters go through. :)


    @ zach

    doesnt matter how long you were there youve still done the schedule.

  • http://mj380766@hotmail.com mj

    Does it really matter? lets just enjoy both god!

  • Tom… Just Tom

    The fact of it all is alot of guys have done both MMA and pro wrestling. Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar were mentioned, but here are others:

    Dan Severn – UFC and NWA champ at the same time

    Don Frye – New Japan and UFC

    Bobby Lashley

    Tank Abbott

    Ron H2O Waterman – mainstay in OVW for many years

  • Zach


    And how long were those two wrestling? A couple of years?

  • Howe


    Jericho retracted the statement this morning and apologized to MMA fighters. He said that he was drunk. Its on his twitter page. No point in arguing about this anymore

  • CM Mark

    Jericho was right. Fighters are not entertainers, and their schedules ARE different. People hate the truth, preach on brother Jericho.


    hardest points of wrestling, travelling, tours, house shows etc, keeping in shape, being confident in your opponents ability.

    hardest parts of mma, the actual physical punches and kicks, not knowing what your opponents going to do.

    2 completely different entities.

    its like comparing rugby and football, whats the point?

  • sal carrasco

    @zach, you have some of it right. you see the mixed martial artists compete in the ufc or strikeforce or dream out in japan. they take precaution because they are there to inflict damage to the opponent. although some fighters do make boring fights a majority don’t. all the “pro wrestlers” that compete today don’t even know how to wrestle, especially in the wwe, which is something jericho needs to get off his high horse about. matches don’t run even close to 30 minutes anymore, if you watch any broadcast of any wwe,tna or oldschool wcw 90 percent of their matches run 10 minutes at most then the rest of the night its porno type dialogue between the “pro wrestlers” and the skank women who have more wrestling ability than most of the male roster. who wants to work like a circus slave 300 plus days a year taking steroids,snorting coke, popping pain pills and getting drunk every night because their life is so lame.i also follow pro wrestling and have been disgusted with how some wrestlers hate on mma in general.to be honest jericho most of you guys couldn’t hang with the technique you would need to learn to win yeah conditioning might be something where it would be less stress on your body but to be great in many different forms of combat to win. lesnar is the only former pro wrestler i respect for actually going to mma and becoming champion, although he got laid out by velsaquez more recently i respect him for stepping out of the circus of pro wrestling and stepping into the world of mma. undertaker respects the hell out of the sport and enjoys watching the events live. chris you need to stop punching women and go to a gym that trains mixed martial arts and jump into some fights. then if it is that easy, you have every right to downtalk the sport of mma.

  • HBk fan

    I have done both pro wrestling and fought in the cage training for a fight sucks but wrestling is way harder its not just one person its both of u putting on a show its about timing and being at the right place at the right time getting paid 25 dollars for getting the crap kicked out of u then come back next weekend and do it all over again. In mma u get the crap kicked out of u every day in camp and u train just as hard for a mma fight but wrestling is way way harder to preform fighting is natural wrestling is an art form

  • Adrian

    Lmao, Jericho is right…Most of the damn MMA fighters couldn’t handle WWE’s schedule and do the things they do. Hence why I don’t watch MMA, Most of the matches are boring as hell. Dance, Jab, Small takedown, boom, that’s most of the fights. Sure wwe is staged on who is going to win. But at least there is action going on in the ring. Not the bs dancing that’s in most Mma fights everyime I’ve watched it before.

  • jmart

    Very Good Point Rusty….Heres the thing everyone the comparison needs to stop WWE is WWE MMA is MMA theyre not the same sport…wwe is sports entertainment the impact is real everything else is pre-determined and with MMA its all real you never know whats gonna happen….everyone knows john cena is gonna be superman and most likely win with the AA but no one knew Anderson Silva was gonna knock Vitor Belfort the hell out with a front kick….the chances of UFC fighters being successful in the WWE (which has happened already) are better than a WWE wrestler such as Jericho cena orton or triple H being able to survive in the UFC….I love both MMA and the WWE both are different forms of entertainment so enough with the comparison already


    brock lesnar did


    ken shamrock did

  • Zach

    He’s talking about performing you douch.e.

    You really have no idea what wrestlers go through? Performing 300+ days a year, always on the road, always doing media stuff, and then there’s the competing. The athleticism to move around the ring quickly at will at any time during a match. Stamina for competing in 30-60 minute+ matches. Flying off turn buckles, taking bumps, being hit with foreign objects, going through tables, and most of all risking injury due to a botched move.

    I’ve seen UFC fights. I don’t see the appeal. I once watched two men dance around the octagon for 40 seconds before any contact was made. Then after 30 seconds of jabs they did the same thing. It all eventually culminated into one guy putting the other guy down on the mat for about 2 minutes. Just sitting there.

    While the punches might be real, there IS NOT ONE MMA FIGHTER that can compete on the schedule WWE superstars do and have. Period.

  • !?

    Chris Chris Chris, someone forgot to you that wrestling pre-determined bro? I love pro wrestling, but don’t go around acting like MMA isn’t destroying, killing and downright obliterating wrestling right now. Be a realist Jericho.

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