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Jericho Comments on Punk vs. Brown, SmackDown On Tour, Guerrero, Super Calo

– Former WCW star Super Calo turns 41 years old today.

– The WWE SmackDown crew is headed to South America today for a mini-tour.

– Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan is being advertised for the February 28th WWE SmackDown tapings in Seattle, Washington.

– Vickie Guerrero will be doing a live chat with fans on her website tomorrow, Thursday, from 1-2:30pm MST.

– Chris Jericho wrote the following on Twitter about the CM Punk vs. Chris Brown Twitter war:

“Glad to see @cmpunk wasting his time threatening rappers. I don’t care about anybody else’s business except mine-which is winning at WM28.”

  • shorty

    who cares that vickie guerrero is doing a live chat who believes she actually has any fans? hard to believe when she gets booed on wwe tv every week. Vickie Guerrero lost weight yes but lately she looked like she gained back a lot of the weight that she lost and she looks very fat and over weight again and to make matters worse she does not dress her age and wear clothes that are way too small for her . Vickie guerrero has no experience as a wwe manager she does not fit the image of a wwe manager or even a wwe diva if you ask me Vickie Guerrero needs to give it up already go home and be a mom to her daughters and stay home where she belongs and lose more weight again very pathetic

  • dude

    yeh “thumbs up” my comment if u thought the article was about eddie guerrero, not vickie

  • Stashathan

    Now jericho with the best tweet about it all

  • venom

    I hope people really don’t think they plan on having Punk vs Brown at a Mania. I don’t think that has ratings written all over it.

  • shorty

    who cares that vickie guerrero is doing a live chat
    no one cares

  • Bawb

    Jericho is probably congratulating CM Punk in a text.

  • huh?

    @Jericho: You know Chris Brown isn’t a rapper, right?

  • Whocares

    I don’t think this was meant to be an angle. I think this was punk just being punk.
    Would find it pretty funny if the entire wwe all started bashing Chris brown though

  • Snark Mark

    It is clearly good publicity for WWE to have their straight edge champion taking shots at a currently relevant grammy winner. However, if all of this had caught wind two weeks ago there might have been more of a push at actually have a MMA style fight between the two at Mania. It is odd to have Punk calling Brown out when Punk already has a dance partner for Mania. Punk v Jericho is a dream match fans have wanted for awhile, and now the build up is being hindered by this little twitter spat.

  • Zach D

    Then why U posting Jericho?