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Jericho Interview: WrestleMania’s Big Angle, His Return, More

Busted Open radio show highlights
Guest: Chris Jericho
Hosts: Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca
Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jericho’s interview promoting the book release of “Undisputed” was recorded on Wednesday morning and will air in its entirety on Wednesday afternoon at 3:05 p.m. EST on Sirius 125, XM 241.

WrestleMania needing a big angle:
“Absolutely, but what’s wrong with that? I mean, last week I listened to your guys’s show and you guys were complaining as critics do that WrestleMania had no jump to it. Vince McMahon is a genius. You can say what you want and whatever you want to say. He will always pull stuff out his ass. You wait and see what he comes up with at WrestleMania. You think “The Rock” is the last thing is going to be the big selling point. No way! I’m sure he’s got two or three other things up his sleeve for this WrestleMania… There’s still five weeks until WrestleMania.”

“When I worked for WAR in Japan, the company was half the size of new Japan, but for me, WAR was the best company in the world, and if anybody talked badly about my company, I’ll fight you. And if we had any kind of interaction with New Japan, I wasn’t trying to work for New Japan, I didn’t give a s— about working for New Japan, all I cared about was working for WAR, and flying the banner as high as I could… I don’t care if TNA is the worst company in the world, I don’t care. Once you sign a contract for there, you work for Dixie Carter, and you do the best you can to make people believe it’s the best company in the world, and if all you’re doing is b—— about WWE, then go f—— work for WWE, or act like a hasbeen that used to work there. TNA should be the best place in the world to work, and if you don’t believe that, the fans won’t believe it, they’re not gonna buy your product, they’re not gonna believe your product, and they’re not gonna watch your product.”

A WWE return:
“Now that’s the thing people ask me ‘When are you coming back to wrestling? When are you going to do this? When are you going to do that?’ I got asked today ‘Are you? – the rumor is you’re the new singer of Velvet Revolver?’ Even if I was the lead singer of Velvet Revolver, even if I was coming out of the Chamber why would I tell you a-holes?”

  • shawn

    a huge difference between guys who wanna work for tna and guys who dont wanna work for wwe.(?) well after hearing anderson reminisce about wwe on impact i couldn’t help but think he has grudge issues and should shut his damn mouth, and jeff doesn’t wanna work at all maybe so he took a lighter schedule. he can put on a good match with what he knows.
    this is a wwe column so i want to say i will wait for a cm punk vs. jericho match. i still want jericho to still be a heel

  • mabry

    @ Scooter “tna needs guys who WANT to be in tna not guys who don’t want to be in wwe”…. dude, you said it all there, thats what TNA needs to grow big….

  • Regina

    Definatly gotta have respect for Jericho like it or not. The man is completly epic with his mic and rink skills and he alway tell’s it like it is even if it come off as offensive to some, but I could careless and I doubt he does as well. Gotta love someone that has the guts to speak their minds.

  • scooter

    I can’t help but applaud jericho because as much as he was dissing those people that go to tna and bitch about how they hate wwe he also (unintenionally i think) defended the guys like aj styles, samoa joe, beer money etc. who love tna and have no desire to work elsehwere jericho comes off as a dick a lot of the time but the fact is he tells it as it is and he could not be more right matt hardy has bitched about wwe a couple of times where as when christian was there he mentioned wwe what once and all he said was he was offered a lot of money to stay with wwe but chose to help tna grow as a company instead! thats the kind of ex wwe guys tna needs guys who WANT to be in tna not guys who don’t want to be in wwe

  • Jimbo

    @davis said so: Been begging for a proper Jericho/Taker feud for years. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get one.

  • david said so

    taker v y2j would be perfect


    his book would be a good read


    Sorry I meant Jericho.


    Got to love they way Jerocho tells it.

  • CC

    This is pretty much what I have been saying all along. The people in TNA need to forget about saying shit about WWE and worry about their own product.
    Concentrate on making your product better than WWE’s, dont just say its better.

  • Vinny

    lol I like Jericho


    mad respect for jericho!!