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Jericho On Cena’s “Firing”, Striker Blows Call During Survivor Series Commentary

– Chris Jericho had the following to say on John Cena’s “firing” at Survivor Series last night: “Sorry Cena got fired. But the bright side is we can now open that chain of Jericho-Cena soul food restaurants we always talked about….”

– Via Twitter also, Christian updated that he is still undergoing physio therapy for his torn pectoral injury: “Ahhh Monday morn can only mean 1thing..Phys therapy..Such a crazy exciting life I lead at the moment..I’m living vicariously through myself.”

– There is lots of talk about Matt Striker blowing the call last night at Survivor Series. Striker acted as if it was a good thing Orton had won his match because Cena was now out of Nexus. Of course, that would only have happened if Barrett had won, allowing Cena to be free of Nexus while retaining his job.

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  • erik

    cena is still in wwe he is joke and so is wwe. I an through wasting my time and money on a company with no tag team divison women who are models and know nothing in ring. I mean guest hosts talking midgets how do you guys enjoy wwe it is terrible.

  • Matt

    i thought it was funny, and that he did it on purpose, as fired is still out of the nexus 😀

  • don’t care

    what i dont get they complain for no reason calm down wwe gosh….ugh and also this is off topic i reall thought wade barret was going to win even though i didnt want him to but still i thought he was going to win they said they was given the nexus the belts so confused over everything maybe it will make sense tonight ….

  • idontknow2

    Hey Striker making that call was the ultimate heartbreak as cole told him ”but he is fired” i bet many kids felt that way ”cena is out of nexus! oh wait…”.
    At least that how i felt it last nite.

  • casey davidson

    cena is not the gm buttercastle

  • Whatever

    regardless on how it ended cena would have been out of nexus either way so striker is actually right on this one, but we know that cena wont be fired for real they will probably make a way to keep him around or something, stone cold was fired so many times and he keeps getting rehired so I kinda see the same thing here

  • CM Mark

    Give Striker a break, Cole is the one that needs to go. He doesn’t even know what Ziggler’s finisher is. He’s called the wrong move the zig zag for several matches now. Striker finally corrected him last night.

  • Buttercastle

    Cena only hugged him because he’s the gm!!!

  • Mannul

    Well in a way Striker is right.Cena being “fired” from WWE means he’s out of Nexus too.

  • misfit

    fucking jericho and christian always crack me up, man we need them back soon than later.

  • CC

    Strikers mistake was no worse than 90% of Lawlers or Coles mistakes.
    It pisses me off when people complain about Striker when he is the guy out there with the most actual facts correct, and actually seems to know more about the business than the two guys who have been in it for years.

  • jim

    was no different than cena hugging heel cole.

  • Jolly

    Striker and that whole smackdown announce team gots to go