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Jericho Not Returning To WWE On January 2, Mysterio Appearance Announced

— During Monday’s Raw SuperShow, WWE displayed a graphic pointing to a YouTube page. The page features a cryptic video teasing the return of a familiar wrestler on January 2, 2012—the first Raw of next year. WWE’s latest cryptic tease inevitably led to speculation that absent talent Chris Jericho could be returning to the organization. Jericho, however, has already dismissed the possibility.

When asked by a Twitter user what he’s doing on January 2, 2012, he responded, “Working in Hawaii.”

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer reported over the weekend that contract negotiations between both parties recently fell through and that a possible return is now considered a “dead issue.”

— WWE has announced that Rey Mysterio will appear at the 52nd Annual O’Reilly Auto Parts AutoRama at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. His appearance is scheduled for Friday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. More details are available here.

— The November 19, 2011 episode of A.M. Raw garnered a 0.23 rating with 487,000 viewers.


  • Tommy

    After bit slow day at work I read the comments and thought wwe could tie up lose ends as of 2/1/12 ( not 1/2/12 I’m english !!)

    It begins videos play american basses taker comes down choke slams,powerbombs,tombstones everyone in ring all heels come down lead by wade barrett mass beat down and bury him (return to dead man for wm)

    After the elimination chamber ppv match with barrett Jericho(bArrets mentor from nxt!!) he was one behind Nash back to screw punk and hhh.but first to prove he’s world best wants take taker out at mania !!

    Just idea but would be awesome!and would push barrett and give us a great mania match

  • Buttercastle

    I love when Undertaker makes his returns, because the speculation and teaser videos end up going on for longer than he’s even around for.

  • Bill

    Do you guys believe Jericho? What the hell could he be doing when he says “Working in Hawaii”? He only said that so some may believe he’s busy & that he’s too far away from a WWE event. Jericho debuted during an “end of the world” conspiracy theory(Y2K), now he’s returning around another one (2012). Here’s a possible example of what WWE may do if Jericho’s returning in the promos:

    2012 -> 220122 -> Y2012J -> Y2 2J -> Y2J.

    That’s my opinion.

  • HighVoltage101

    I think they should go ahead and bring back the American Badass character. As good as the traditional character is, it’s played out now and I have to admit it’s kinda boring. There’s not room to do much with it. Undertaker walks like a zombie, talks like a zombie everytime he’s on TV (while saying very little) and then wins at Wrestlemania lol. I think there’s room for a lot more exploration in terms of story lines and character depth with the Badass character. I hope they do bring it back!

  • The mark

    First rule of twitter: never believe anything Jericho says on there.

  • nick

    american badass was good for 8 months… then quickly got old. they aint gunna do the badass character at the end of takers career

  • Prince

    Man, I hope you’re right breezy. I love the american badass.

  • breezy

    Return of the AMERICAN BAD ASS. when he debuted the american bad ass character he had little kids doing weird shit in the promos

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    ok ok then Brother Love.

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Maybe its Percy Pringle.

  • d

    Agreed jericho always likes to play the internet fans which is fine with me but I say if its not jericho its the undertaker

  • paul

    Lol guys I can now report for sure its the undertaker

  • Sorry, but he’s hardly gonna come out and say ‘Yep that’s me, I’ll be back on the 2nd guys!’ is he?