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Jericho Talks About His Latest WWE Run & How Wrestling Has Changed

Chris Jericho recently spike with LocalBozo in an interview. Here are some highlights.

His latest WWE run and if wrestling is still as fun for him: “If it wasn’t fun for me I wouldn’t do it, you know? I took time off on the ‘Chasing the Grail’ tour and once that tour was done it was time to move forward doing a new record and my job as a singer is to write the lyrics and to sing on the record. Lyrics were all done and doing vocals took about 15 days total so other than that I had nine months of nothing really going on. So it was the perfect opportunity to step back into WWE for awhile. But the plan was always when the new record came out, then I would leave and go back full time with Fozzy. So you know, we’ll see what happens in the future. I still love doing what I do in the WWE but like I said, Fozzy’s kind of taking precedence at this point. With all the momentum and great things we have going on, it’s cool to see this second dream come true. But it’s good to know too that WWE’s always gonna be there and I feel great. I thought this last run was awesome and I feel better than I did, you know, 3,4,5 years ago. So, you know, I’m raring to go for the next round.”

How wrestling has changed: “The people that are stepping away are ones that have been there for years and years and years. It’s a grueling schedule- physically, mentally. Traveling is hard. It’s good to know that you have these other options and you have to explore them. For me, I wrestled for 15 years straight every day, left for a couple years, came back for another three years, wrestled straight every day almost, and then, you know, left for awhile, came back for nine months. As you get older, I think that’s a good schedule. I’ve kind of built up my status in the WWE where I can do that. Not everybody can, but you know, you look at guys like The Rock or… You know the thing is when Rock came back, he just comes back for once or twice, I came back and did every show. I was in Abilene, Texas working house shows as well as working Madison Square Garden. I didn’t pick and choose my spots. I came back for nine months and that’s the way I’ll always be. I like doing the whole cycle and if I came back for a month, I’d still do as many house show matches, not just do TVs and pay per views. So, you know, for me I like doing it. Like I said, I’ve been playing with Fozzy since 2000and I’ve been playing in bands since I was 12, so it’s not a matter of making this choice, it’s who I am and it’s just what I do at this point. So from this point forward that’ll be how I work WWE. I’ll just be coming in and out when I have openings in my schedule, but when I come in, I’ll make sure to give 1000% and do as many shows as I can in that timeframe.”

  • barry horowitz

    I agree jefferson and I think jericho was just saying that him and rock are different I dont think he was knocking him…some rock fans have this disturbing obsession with him always looking good and never being talked bad about that they fly off the handle over the slightest criticism its weird and borderline homosexual.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    You know what’s annoying, Shay. R.? Smartasses like you. Jericho makes a valid point. He’s got shit going on in his life too outside of wrestling, just like Rock. But when he’s got breaks in his schedule, he comes back and does everything he can and gives the fans their dollar’s worth. Rock comes in, doesn’t work a match for what, 7 years? Now he’s back in the ring, he’ll work once or twice a year? Hey, if it’s good for business. Cool. Does Rock = ratings? Sure, maybe.

    I’m not hating on Rock, though I was never a fan. I’m glad he beat Cena, but still, Rock isn’t passionate about the business anymore. Jericho still is. And Jericho can juggle both careers. I think Jericho had every right to say what he said, because it’s true. I don’t care if you’re a Jericho fan or not, but the guy is right.

  • Shay R.

    Wow, does Jericho want a cookie for coming back to do more shows than The Rock or something? Annoying.

  • Ant

    I agree with him 100%, Yes the Rock is a legend but he shouldn’t be able to come in and say “I will be in the WWE title match at the Royal Rumble”. It’s just unfair to everyone who almost never get to see their families and travel all year round. Even though I’m not a big fan of Ziggler (I know he is very good but just something about him I don’t like) Jericho is doing the right thing and putting young talent over and yes he is leaving soon. He has just been confirmed for Soundwave in Australia 2013 and hopefully I can go.

  • 1919dpg

    cena is not the problem. it’s creative.

    if you want to contrast jericho with somebody, use TRIPLE H.

  • poko

    omg they giving out state the fucking obvious majors now?!
    it goes with out saying chris doesnt need the belt, he came back to help out, much like the rock. he came back to help… line his own pockets by only winning.
    Jericho can be like HBK’s second coming, maybe win the belt once, but just have a blast and put people over. The belt hasnt been worth anything for years, sad but true.

  • Tyler(:

    @Stevie P

    Absolutely agree. Titles aren’t real, but reputations are. Jericho knows his own worth and so does the WWE. They don’t have to give him a paper title to make him happy. I wouldn’t mind seeing another title run, but he doesn’t need it by any stretch of the imagination. At this point in his career, putting on great matches that elevate rising talent is a good usage of his skills.

  • Stevie P

    He doesn’t need the title. It’s obvious what he’s doing is putting over talent as it was a pretty short stint. He put over Punk and now he’s going to put over Ziggler. I think it’s awesome that he doesn’t feel that he needs to win every time…*cough* Cena *cough*

  • TheSheepDog

    you know, Jericho, i know you know, you know? haha. I want jericho as champ too, but i think thats what is holding him back, vkm doesnt want to give the fans what they want 🙁 that my we friends, we ALL know…you know

  • get the wwe title soon!