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Jericho Upset with WWE Over Video Game, Speculation on Jericho & Morrison

– As noted before, several people within WWE indicate that the cryptic videos that have been airing are for Chris Jericho’s return in January. At the same time, some believe that the videos are for The Undertaker and speculation is that they’re meant for Jericho but if something falls through with his deal, they can be used for Taker’s return.

It has been confirmed that Jericho and WWE had a recent falling out over him not being included in the WWE ’12 video game. One WWE source made the point that Jericho may have missed out on five-figure royalties from not being in the video game but he wouldn’t let that cause him to miss out on a big WrestleMania payday.

On a related note, there is also some speculation that John Morrison may return in the next few months if he and WWE work out a deal. Others believe Morrison will take some time off from wrestling. Like Jericho, the argument is there that Morrison wouldn’t want to miss out on the big WrestleMania 28 payday.


  • kingchaos

    I’m sorry I’m over Chris Jericho, unless he comes back with an excited gimmick I personally don’t care to see him on WWE television. I mean the guy walks around on TV with a smug attitude and it isn’t his appeal as an heel that makes me feel like this, its the fact when he’s on TV I am totally bored now. The suit, the stupid haircut, the stupid voice and the constant scrunched up face, yeah save me Y2J and WWE for that matter. And if he does come back I really hope PUNK buries him on the mic and forces Jericho to maybe have some energy now.

  • person

    Y2J (Year) (2012) (January) Y2J

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Sorry I meant honestly (before the spelling police get here)

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    I honestlt believe the whole Morrison thing may just be a work. He will take a couple of months off and come back totally re-packaged. If not why would they be making it so public about him being “Future Endeavored”? That is not the way WWE normally operates.

  • venom

    Maybe Morrison will be a surprise entrant for the Rumble and win. But, I doubt that.

  • Matt

    @RAMSES 2:

    The only time Morrison would ever hold a world title is:

    A: He went to TNA, where they give everyone a turn with the hot potato that is the TNA WHC.

    B: A real main eventer asked him to hold it while they tied their shoe.


    C: He bought one from WWESHOP.COM 😛

  • Generic Troll

    Would of made more sense to have Jomo get squashed by Brodus, now I got no idea who he is going to destroy when he gets pushed back to the 2012 for his new promos hah! But anyway W-E writers need to talk because half of them are saying Melina and Jomo are going to TNA as a couple storyline, and now they are saying hes coming back to WWE? If he wanted out and now wants back in you think Vince will like him more? Vince already took away world title chances from him purely based on the Batista Knox Melina saga, shes ruined him and won’t take any blame at all and ugh, shambles..

  • MJ

    JOMO SOSO ISN’T COMMING BACK…YO! If he does come back brodus clay can finally squash him!

  • jerry sandusky

    anyone else think they should put the backstage showers back into the WWE video game’s? like WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role

  • Bill

    Couldn’t they just retexture his 2011 model then make that DLC? Hackers on YT do that kind of stuff all the time.

  • Sean Mooney

    I agree that they should make him a character to download, but I haven’t heard any mention of that either.

  • billybob

    As opposed to A solid window?…man some of you on this sight are so dumb

    yes, coming from the person that can’t distinguish ‘sight’ from SITE

  • Jimbo

    Can’t they just make a Jericho DLC for the game?

  • d

    it’s simple wwe have jericho as a dlc.
    I’m sure thq would be happy as it should be a popular dlc for fans which of course cost money

  • Sean Mooney

    I cannot for the life of me figure out why Jericho would be left out of WWE ’12.

  • Sanj


    *site, not sight….still think everyone else is dumb?

  • RAMSES 2


  • Robber

    As opposed to A solid window?…man some of you on this sight are so dumb

  • stockshark

    Jericho sucks at trying to keep things seceret the more he says he isnt coming back to the WWE means he is! He is like a glass window you can see right through.