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Jericho’s Band Signs Record Deal, TE Contestant In Court, Randy Orton Update

– WWE Superstar Chris Jericho announced today that his band Fozzy has signed a record deal with Century Media. Fozzy will release their Century Media debut this summer.

– WWE Tough Enough contestant Rima Fakih was in court today for DUI charges. The judge hoped a plea deal was in place but there wasn’t and a bench trial has been set for March 14th. According to TMZ, if a deal isn’t reached by then, the former Miss USA is looking at 93 days in jail plus fines.

– Randy Orton is now officially advertised by WWE for Sunday’s Supershow in Las Cruces, New Mexico, next week’s RAW Supershow from Phoenix and the SmackDown tapings from Tucson.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • Best in the world

    Ha, no need to get hostile or anything Fivo. I was just giving ya my opinion. as you are entitled to yours as well. Personally I think Jericho is a better person than just “Oh, this pays more” I do think he actually cares about his fans. But I’m just like anyone else, Nobody really knows what he is thinking. I just know I’m a huge fan of him in a band, or in the ring. And don’t get me wrong man, I agree with ya. Foley has done a HELL of a lot. More than a lot of others have. I have a lot of respect for him, Rock, and Austin. But I just happen to not care much for Rocky anymore. “I’m back and I’m never leaving.” Too much of a hypocrite.

  • stockshark

    Heard their paying him not to sing!!! LOL

  • fivogoeswest

    @best in the world

    I’m sorry but jericho is exactly like the rock. He’s just as big as a sell out as the rock except he sucked way less at it. You can bet your ass if he was able to pull the money the rock was making he wouldnt be doing these house shows or weekly appearances. But I will give you this when I say yea you’re right he us back then full time. He’s back full time until he feels he can make more money again being outside of the ring. While I also think Austin could be a sell out too his injuries caused him to retire so we’ll really never know if he would have liked to stick around full time. I’m sorry dude but Foley is good. After everything his body has been through in that ring I expect nothing more from him then casual appearances. But anyway jericho just wants money and he knows he can get it from wrestling fans. Then once he does he’ll forget wrestling exists again. Disagree with me all you want. Doesn’t make it any less true.

  • Best in the world

    @fivogoeswest I doubt that highly. Jericho’s never been one like, oh I don’t know. Rock. Mick Foley, or Steve Austin to just come back for a few shows and then gone again. Hes been on all the TV recordings, and even the house shows. So I’d imagine he would be back full time again because he’s done nothing to make me think otherwise. and I simply said I didn’t think him having a record deal would effect his current just starting wrestling run.

  • kitkrock

    Rima Fakih is not a good muslim, as she drank alcohol.

  • John

    Good for Jericho. I imagine Fozzy will be an even bigger part of his life after he retires from the ring.

  • JOE

    ^^^^^^you better not talk about jericho, or someones going to be mad

  • fivogoeswest

    @best in the world

    You don’t actually believe jericho is back full time? he’s back just long enough for all his marks to believe he’s just so awesome again and buy what ever stupid crap he’s tryin to peddle now. Jericho is a joke and he just uses wrestling and its fans to make a buck.

  • venom

    I hope she serves that time in jail. Teach her a lesson.

  • Best in the world

    @Joker Probably nothing…It’s just a record deal, not like he has to tour all over the place with them. So he can probably still wrestle just fine.

  • Joker

    Well wonder what this means for his wrestling run now?