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Who Is Jericho’s Dance Partner for Tonight?, Jericho & Fandango Hype RAW

– Fandango and Chris Jericho tweeted to hype their dance-off on tonight’s RAW:

Fandango: “Having a dance off with Jericho is like putting Mike Tyson in the ring with Michael Cole… #JustDance.”

Jericho: “Having a Danceoff with Fandango on Raw is like having a game of musical chairs on Raw…oh yeah I won that, too.”

Jericho later noted that he was rehearsing for the dance-off after last night’s live event in Fort Worth, Texas. Jericho revealed he was training with dancer Edyta Sliwinska, who will be his partner on RAW tonight. Here’s a photo of Edyta:


  • d_pooch

    Well, this IS WWE, so this dance-off will surely turn into a brawl within about 45 seconds. Why else would they do something like this?

    You know WWE was just waiting for an opportunity to exploit Jericho’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars. They can’t ignore it..

  • Jesus Ortiz

    Is this what the wwe has come to?!?!?!?