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Jericho’s Elimination Chamber Spot, Ziggler’s YouTube Show, The Rock

– The Rock’s appearance on tonight’s Jay Leno Show is his record 15th appearance.

– Several fans have noted that WWE uploaded the second episode of Dolph Ziggler’s “WWE Download” show to their YouTube channel this afternoon but have since deleted it. Dolph noted on Twitter that the show would be posted at noon tomorrow.

– Chris Jericho earned the right to be the final entrant in RAW’s Elimination Chamber match by winning the Six Pack Challenge on tonight’s show. Jericho will compete in the Chamber against R-Truth, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston and WWE Champion CM Punk.

  • venom

    I do believe Jericho will win the WWE title at Elimination Chamber.

  • bettercreative please

    wwe championship Jerico (c) v punk
    world heaveyweight championship orton v shemus v big show
    Unified intercontinenal/us championship cody v swagger
    Money in the bank hunico v del rio v miz v rtruth v brian v ziggler v kane
    wwe divas championship beth v eve v natalia v kharma
    special announcement Vince buys TNA

  • Y2Juddy

    Im liking the new “Jeritroll” persona, for a few weeks we werent sure what he was up to with his character. Something new and fresh, and the fued with punk will be good. Good for punk to have someone in his league on the mic. Memories now go back to all his tweets last year about wrestlers copying him, many of us said he is probably just playing a new character for his return, and we were right.

  • No1coleminer

    how ppl can hate on Jericho when rocky does the same thing, only thing is rocky is more known so doesnt need wwe to publicise his movies, using them even more. Jericho is pushing his band, but i dont see any mention of Fozzy since his return to wwe and for fuck sake he has a twitter!?! so why does he even need to appear on wwe for us to know about his shit, he can just type and post, simples.

    @kasperkidd i agree, bret-punk match would have been good both in prime

    lolz just lols

  • KasperKidd

    I agree. I kinda see CM Punk as the new Bret Hart, but alternative with a twist of Steve Austin. lol – Think about it. He’s the small guy who people didn’t believe could carry the BIG boy title, like Bret Hart. So CM Punk was robbed of the title for a likely Wrestlemania event last year. So he’ll get to win it under a different light, like Bret at W10. Against Y2J, that’d be a MotY contender against Rock & Cena (unless THAT bombs).

  • fivo goes west

    At the chamber you’re gonna see y2j come in last to pin punk for the title. I think he’ll get a quick and or cheap win over punk cause the WWE wants as little contact between them two so it sets up y2j vs punk at mania. Y2j will go into mania telling everyone see he was right he is the best then punk wins at mania cause him winning the title will be a better moment then him defending the title. Y2j might get a rematch and stick around long enough to get some fans to love him again then he’ll leave but not before he reminds everyone that he’s selling something else and he want you to buy it.

  • Y2JAM

    world heavyweight championship Daniel Brian vs shemuss vs cody
    Wwe championship cm punk v y2j
    money in th bank
    Hell in cell hhh v taker
    rock v cena falls count anyware
    mark henrey v bigshow vs great kalih vs kane
    and the superstars battle royal