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- WWE Legend George “The Animal” Steele will be appearing at the River Bandits baseball game at Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, Iowa on Thursday, June 30th.

- Below are Chris Jericho’s first comments on Twitter since the Dancing with the Stars debut on Monday night:

“What an amazing experience last night! The Dancing Beast has been Unleashed icon smile Jerichos First Post DWTS Comments, John Cena Teases Something Big Thx for the support and the votes-On to week 2! #teamchericho”

- John Cena noted on Twitter today that he is filming Nickelodeon’s Fred 2 and teased something big in the works:

“Day #2 of filming Fred 2! But first 3 hours worth of WM interveiws. Then late tonight, off to silicon valley for sumthin HUGE…. Details hopefully on the way. Then of course..back to what we do. 4 more shows to the dance!”

  • bill sucks

    Fred was really funny, and I hope John gets to say other funny stuff like he did in the first one. Maybe the surprise is a new movie for John cena! They should make a sequel 2 legendary and call it legendary 2. He can beat miz & Alex riley up in the movie & Randy orton & r-truth & joe moe & ray mysterio & christian & kofi could be in it,

  • Stashathan

    no Cena sucks end of story……
    as for respect???? how do you start beef with someone and then when he says sumtin to you you say you were going to let it slide…. more like scared to me… how can i respect someone if they disrespect someone who paved the way for him???? Cena in other words is hatin on The Rock…. nough said

  • adam

    Wow something big for cena another crappy movie. This one will probably be called The coast guard were it is basically the exact same movie as his last 3 but in a tiny way different.

  • In Grind We Crust

    I liked Cena when he was the US Champ. I still respect him but I don’t like him as a superstar.

  • TG

    Eh…was a fan of John Cena in 2003- early 2006 when he actually held up to his gimmick. Now the guy just like Trix more than Fruity Pebbles “Just For Kids.” I respect John Cena for what he does in and out the ring. But listen to what he says during promos stuff a kid would say. I do see the WWE kinda of pushing The Miz as being their new league guy and Orton still some what as well.

  • Chris

    Something big for Cena? Oh boy, oh boy! Can’t wait for another neon colored t shirt!!!!

  • 2ratedrko2

    Why is WWE so obsessed with this guy?

  • http://deleted scooter

    so john cena the video game? yipee

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