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Jericho’s Tour Bus, Poffo Talks Sandow, Foley Appearance

– Lanny Poffo revealed in an interview with OffsetTV that he had to ask for permission to use “The Genius” gimmick and he gave Sandow his blessing. You can watch footage embedded below.

– has posted a video of Chris Jericho giving a sneak peek of his tourbus.

– Mick Foley will be performing stand-up comedy at the Avalon Theatre in Easton, MD on Friday night.

  • barry horowitz

    eric I hope you dont talk that retarded in real life.

  • rko

    When the king hangs it up I nominate the genius to take his place as color commentator. Do it Vince.

  • Shawn O B

    @ eric yeah i like Sandow and Rhodes too definitely, but i think the WWE is too “in love” to have Hell No lose the championships already. they only just begun, oh boy. lol. their funny though.

  • The Real CM Punks Promo

    Sounds like Lanny. Looks like JBLs cousin.

  • eric

    That was cool of genius. I was saying to myself since i saw sandow. he had lanny randy savage R.i.p brother genius gimmick. from robe from using of big intelligent words. from talking down to fans. from genuis cartwheel. lanny used to do same thing. sandow genuis charcter is amazing. only diffrence is sandow is alot bigger than genius lanny ever was. sandow is 6ft4 6ft 5 around 250 pounds. he has same gimmick. it works really well for him. Also hope sandow and rhodes defeat mysterio and cin cara. go on defeat hell no for tag team title run. rhodes is 2 time tag team champion already. former 1 time world tag team champion with hardcore holly. 1 time world tag team champion with ted dibase jr. this would be his 3 time winning tag team titles. if wwe would have him and sandow win titles. they have good chemistry together.