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Jerry Lawler Update: Responsive, But Fear of Brain Damage

Former WWE Diva Stacy Carter (“The Kat” and “Miss Kitty”), the ex-wife of Jerry Lawler, says the King is being taken out of sedation and is now responsive after undergoing more heart procedures on Tuesday.

There is now fear that Lawler might have suffered brain damage during RAW after suffering a heart attack, when his brain was deprived of oxygen for several minutes.

Carter released this statement on Facebook:

“I have an update on Jerry. The docs are removing his ventilation & taking him out of sedation. He is responsive, which is great!!! It took a while to revive him last night so there’s the concern of brain damage. He had some tests done which will show how much if any damage there is due to the lack of oxygen to his brain. Unfortunately, the results won’t be in until in the morning. I appreciate all the calls, texts, tweets, & Facebook messages of support & I know Jerry will too. Thanks everybody!!”

  • Wellsy

    Do you really think they’d have someone nearly die as an act when Bret Hart is there? I’m sure there’d have been Owen flashbacks for him on Monday night.

  • voice of reason

    get well soon jerry get well you are the king after all you’ll hopefully pull through this.

    raw will never be the same without you at the commentary helm.

  • Matt Posluszny

    Heres the problem I have with this. Basically, Jerry fucking dropped dead on Raw, on live TV. From that moment until then, they have been releasing medical information. Between WWE and his ex rife, they are providing a feed of private medical information to the public. How do we know Jerry would want this going on? He hasn’t given his permission. It’s fucking wrong. WWW going into great detail live on Raw was wrong. The detailed information was wrong. This is fucked up.

  • Jon

    I just his hope in doesn’t effect his thought and speech. I would hate to see Jerry lose that voice. Just pray for the best.

  • T-Rob

    This is not some act to get ratings you fucking twit, he almost died, he would’ve died if he wasn’t at raw surrounded by EMTs.

  • Soulja17

    @Jeff, your a fuckn idiot. I think if it was an act it wouldnt be headlined on Yahoo, espn, fox sports, and every news channel in the country!

  • jeff

    prb a act cus of MNF

  • art

    ^stacy isnt by his side i dont think just in contact with his wife & son since jerry & stacy have become friends over the last couple of years….

  • Men on a Mission

    Wow, that’s really scary news for Jerry. Good to hear his ex-wife is by his side.

  • Prince

    Brain damage would be terrible. Really hope that doesn’t end up being the case. Praying for Jerry!