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- Below are highlights from Jim Ross’s latest blog entry:

Lawler’s TLC Match vs. The Miz: Loved the Miz-Lawler show closer in the impromptu TLC bout for the WWE Title. I thought a really solid story was told, that the pacing of the match was at a level that could be easily processed and, equally as important, retained, and the closing moments had ample twists and turns that made a somewhat predictable conclusion appear to be up for grabs.

The Miz: WWE Champion Miz’ persona as a resourceful, athletic, brash, self confident, young man who is beatable on most given nights was illustrated perfectly on Raw IMO. Personally, I like those attributes in an antagonist champion. Miz’s verbal skills are getting better and better and he has the opportunity to become one of the biz’s best all time talkers before all is said and done if he keeps improving.

Lawler Video Package On RAW BTW…the Lawler video package was money. Great job of editing and presentation. This established method of building up a match or a performer is just as effective today as its ever been. It was great stuff that as a viewer that I would love to see more of in the future. It certainly made some of the younger viewers aware of who the King is/was other than just being a long time announcing fixture on Raw and a WWE Hall of Fame broadcaster. Lawler’s body of work inside the ring is what he’s most proud of and deservedly so.

  • erik

    I would say that if wwe wanted miz to be taken serious. It would be nice if his first title match wasn’t with a aarp member a 60 yearold hasbeen.

  • CiB

    It’s all very well for Miz to look beatable on any given night- he should. But he should also look like he can beat anyone else on any given night and for that he needs a clean win over someone established.

  • SusyRKO

    Yes I wold like to see a title shot for DiBiase!YES SIR

  • Ronald

    Ron, don’t forget Maryse. I really believe, with the segment they aired on Raw, that she’s going to become Miz’s valet. She mentioned how Ted made her look bad and how he had to play with a toy belt instead of the real thing. Uh…. who has the real thing? Also, Ted yelled at her. Hhm… perhaps this could eventually lead to a Miz-DiBiase feud for the WWE title? Who knows.

  • Ron

    i’m thinking Miz, Riley, Michael Cole, and the mystery GM (which i’m thinking will be a returning Chris Jericho) to form a faction of some sort.

  • nnla

    Except we all knew who was going to win last night. Yes I wanted Lawler to win and then lose the title next Monday to ‘The Miz’ but it was predictable. What’s not predictable is the relationship with Cole and Lawler. I am interested in seeing how that that will turn out, except to me it seems like they will put Cole and Lawler at the announce booth and they will talk trash to each other the whole show (which will get annoying) with Punk defending Lawler in the end. But we shall see with that one. But right now Miz’s matches will be predictable just like the rest of the title matches. Which is sad.

  • In Grind We Crust

    I think since Miz isn’t established as one of those “unbeatable champions” it makes his matches more unpridictable, thus making them more fun to watch.

  • CM Mark

    Well said as usual sir.

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