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Jerry Lawler’s Fan Response On RAW, CM Punk’s 2nd Week On Commentary, Morrison

– Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry, with some of the main highlights below:

Fan Response To Jerry Lawler Following RAW:: “I talked to King today, we talk generally once a week, and he was blown away by the response that he has gotten from fans after his main event performance on Monday night. Jerry received nearly 400 emails on his Facebook account within hours after the match.”

CM Punk’s Second Week Commentating: “I thought that CM Punk did well for his second night on the job especially considering the magnitude of the main event Monday night that Punk was left to handle alone at crunch time. Doing live Commentary on a broadcast like Raw isn’t an easy assignment particularly for someone with little experience. Punk adds a unique element to the broadcast which is always a positive. I’m happy for the Chicago native and enjoy his wit.”

John Morrison: “John Morrison, even in a losing effort, had a memorable night on Raw with three, solid outings. Morrison is showing more toughness in his bell to bell outings which I personally like. The UC Davis grad is extremely athletic and has the required charisma to become a main event level hand sooner than later.”


    I agree 100% with Keylo. Michael “Jackass” Cole should be fired on the spot and shipped to some indy fed where we don’t have to listen to his sorry a$$ commentary again!

  • keylo

    We need JR back commentating with Punk who I have to say is taken too it just like JBL did, and the King and leave the fool cole on smackdown
    or even netter just fire his a$$

  • Zach

    JR should run the whole damn company. Vince is a genius losing his touch.

  • HeartBreakHill

    Couldn’t agree more about Morrison, long overdue for a main event spot.

  • SaveUs.150FPS

    Wow UC Davis graduate? smart dude