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Jesse Sorensen Out of Action Until 2013, New Match for TNA Victory Road

– TNA President Dixie Carter announced that Jesse Sorensen will be out of action for up to a year. She wrote on Twitter:

“@TNASorenson met w/doctors this wk & is out for up to a yr. We’re blessed he will be back at all. He’s staying positive. No comment on Zima.”

– Coming out of last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling, Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy has been added to the Victory Road pay-per-view. Victory Road takes place on March 18th from Orlando.

  • Jason

    You know what? Let’s just call a truce guys, because I have gone over the line and I understand that now. Say what you want about TNA guys. I will only step in if wrong information is being posted.

  • Jason

    It is pretty clever to be honest with you. Do you not see how over that kid is getting? When he comes back in 2013 he will be super over and walk right back into winning the X title.

    Is this wrong to promote this type of storyline build? Maybe. but at the end of the day if it gets the kid over who are we to say otherwise.

    I would rather do something to help get him over while he is sidelined for a year then do nothing and let his character waste. Besides Jessie okayed the storyline and so did his mother.

  • CC

    The two WWE examples bare no resemblance to the TNA incident.
    Firstly, neither Blackman or Orton were involved in those deaths, so while the angles are disgusting, its not like Orton and Blackman were being rewarded after causing a serious injury.

    Also, if there was an issue with the Eddie story, do you not think Vickie would have said something instead of continuing to work for the company for years?

    Simple fact is Jason, if TNA wants to set itself apart from WWE, instead of using the WWE’s disgusting past as justification, how about just fucking distancing yourself from the same shitty tactics.

    Its wasnt clever when WWE did it, and it isnt clever when TNA does it.

    What happened to “wrestling matters”?
    At least WWE is honest that the entertainment side of the business is their priority, its a shame that TNA cant be as honest.

  • The Dude Master

    When Eddie died, Randy Orton said to Mysterio “What are you looking up there for? If your implying that he’s in Heaven, your wrong. He’s in Hell!” >:(

    Far worse than any dumbass thing Zima the FagSpray bitch said.

  • JIR

    OK I will give you the Owen/Blackman thing Jason both companies do things fans don’t like and both companies don’t give a rats ass about it you can’t please everyone

  • Jason

    BTW there is nothing wrong with that imo. WWE and TNA stand apart because of the dif style of promotion and TV stories.

  • Jason

    I agree it is in bad taste but how can it be wrong when TNA got the okay from the family to do the angle. TNA is based in reality style stories so of course they will use real life things to help get there angles over. WWE sticks to kayfab more now a days and has since 2008 really. On and off again WWE will do a shoot but for the most part they stick with what they are good at and that is promoting a family show.

  • scooter

    @Jason rather than defend your own product you attack wwe yes wwe was wrong to use owens death just like they were wrong to have randy orton say “eddies in hell” I never said wwe haven’t been in the wrong all I said was TNA are in the wrong right now the same way they were when they exploited the death of jeff jarretts wife!

  • dashing1

    Oh yeah same with Crimson ad Harrett Bischoff. What the hayell is TNA thinking about lol.

  • dashing1

    I don’t understand why they ever tried to push sorrenson. Guy is dull as paint.

  • Jason

    Oh and WWE never did the same thing? WWE did worse with the whole Owen Hart deal because he died and those fuckers never once asked for the okay from the Hart family (like TNA did in this case) to build an angle around his death via Steve Blackman in 1999.

  • Deva

    scooter that is what I was thinking when I saw zima cut that promo, I was like wtf that is really messed up,

  • GDiGi21

    @scooter Remember WWE? Owen 3:16 I just broke your neck!

  • scooter

    in other words TNA took a very very serious injury that almost caused a young kid to be permenantly paralyzed and turned it into an angle to get zema ion over classy!

  • moi

    its against Hardy, not Jarrett… but what the hell happened to Jesse Sorensen??