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Jesse Sorensen Launches Fundraiser Campaign, Accuses Dixie Carter of Making False Promises

– Former TNA star Jesse Sorensen has launched a fundraiser project on to help raise $600 for an upcoming bodybuilding show in Tampa. Sorensen accused TNA President Dixie Carter of making false promises. Here’s what he wrote on the fundraiser page:

“My name is Jessy Sorensen(Jesse Sorensen) I am a former professional wrestler for TNA Impact Wrestling seen every thursday night on SpikeTV. On Feb.12th 2012 during a live match on pay per view vs Zema Ion I suffered a sever neck injury sustaining a broke C-1 vertebrae & herniated C-5 & C-6. After a long recovery process & being promised by the President of TNA Impact Wrestling TNA Dixie Carter I would always have a job with her company, I recently was released from my current contract & shown that those promises were false. During my time away from the ring I decided to pursue bodybuilding & have been prepping for the Hurricane Bay bodybuilding show in Tampa, FL on Oct.5th,2013 but now due to my recent released I will have to drop out of my show. A friend of mine told me about this site and if anyone would like to help and contribute I would be so grateful and appreciate any donations. Thanks and hopefully I can find something I love just as much as I did Wrestling.”

  • Solid

    It’s TNA, so no.

    They’re notorious for not paying well. You can see from the articles in the past and all the talent that has either been let go or left after being low balled because they don’t want to pay them properly, there are many cases of wrestlers saying they left TNA or negotiations ended when TNA continuously tried to get them to work for either less money, or a pay per night fee, the number being very low for what they’re asked to do.

  • rabid

    Ahh d lo thanks

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Yea but the Droz (and it was D-Lo Brown BTW, a running powerbomb i think) and Hardy thing was an accident that couldn’t really of been avoided, the Owen thing could have.

  • rabid

    Let’s try this at a different angle… look when ur contracted to do a job u do it.. if u choose not to do the job u should be let go. Perhaps hired in a different capacity but along with that a difference in pay. I’m not saying that he should be fired for being injured I’m just saying he should be released for the talent contract and if tna so chooses hire him in a different capacity. I hate seeing these guys get injured the guy that paralyzed droz didn get fired the hardys didn get fired when they shattered joeys nose.. accidents happen its a part of what they do .. granted its a horrible thing but they do happen. I was using past examples for a reason and im sorry that u felt u needed to be defensive bc of it but lighten up

  • CC

    Ok, heres a few facts for you as you dont seem to understand them. Fact is, yes WWE used to go on binge firings, but they have not done that in years, yet you still keep bringing it up. They used to clear house after every WM, but the last few years they have not. It also does not address the fact that it has nothing to do with the subject at hand, and that despite you saying you accused me of nothing, your initial post indicated otherwise. You was discussing with me, thus you were insinuating that I have no problem with this practice.

    And once again you bring up something else to defend your stance, despite it having nothing to do with the point at hand (Stone Cold was not fired, being the biggest difference to the current topic), and your facts being wrong. You only have to read Stone Colds book to understand that Owen should most definetly fired, as it wasnt just one of those things that should be gotten over. Owen said he was going to do the pile driver, was told to not do the pile driver as Austin was too heavy, yet Owen would not let it go. So they went ahead with it, Owen botched it as expected, then after that treated Austin as if he had done nothing wrong and refused to apologise. Austin to this day says that he does not hate Owen for it and obv is not glad he died, but he has no respect for him for it.
    Wrestlers are idiots, and will often ignore every reasonable request that is made of them (such as Lesnar being told to not do the shooting star), and if there are repercussions from their actions, why should they not be held accountable. The fact that Owen was not fired should not be a defense, as that instance was a travesty, and the only reason he didnt get fired is because of the whole Vince/Bret thing.

    And you say because Sorenson wasnt willing to wrestle. he should be let go? Really? So you are saying that if you get injured due to your job, and you are either unable to continue, or you do not feel you are able to continue that your employer has a right to fire you?
    I hope you never get injured at work due to some elses negligence, and get fired because of it.

  • rabid

    HE SAID HE DIDNT WANT TO WRESTLE ANYMORE MONTHS Also read back my statement not once in there did I say that u said anything. As for my comment the truth is that the wwe yearly goes on a firing binge. Ok you want a example of someone who was alnost crippled someone Owen Hart almost crippled Stone Cold .. didn get fired nor did he deserve too bc accidents happen so get over it. At the end of the day Dixie kept him on put him in another department since his injury so good for her she did the right thing. But at the end of the day hes a wrestler his contract was most likely a TALENT contract which basically states hes being paid to preform. If he doesnt want to preform anymore then he needed to be let go.

  • CC

    So Del Rio nearly crippled Orton did he?
    You also seem to be overlooking the fact that Dixie said he would always have a job with them, then gets rid of him.
    Your comparison to WWE and their mass releases also have no bearing on the current topic as thats the nature of the business and always has been, just as I dont say TNA is wrong when they have done releases in the past.
    (and anyway, you show me where I said 20 releases from WWE is no big deal .. if you are going to spout stuff off, at least use facts to back up your accusations)
    Your defense in all cases are totally unrelated, whats next, saying Jack Swagger shouldnt be convicted of dui because OJ Simpson got away with murder? Two unrelated cases, just like your arguments.

    Also, your case of upper management vs mail room also holds no bearing as it doesnt seem he was paid anywhere near that much, as upper management in most jobs would not be struggling for money. Simple fact is, as a talent he probably didnt get paid that much more, and regardless of his status as a wrestler or back office, Dixie should not have made a promise she was unable to keep.

    You also say that he refused to wrestle after being cleared, where is your evidence on this?

  • rabid

    Accidents happen in wrestling. So ur saying that bc del rio injured orton he should be fired. Doesnt make any sense and neither does all this backlash. Tna had every intention of having sorenson WRESTLE again. Hes been cleared since nov and hasnt wanted to compete so why would any company pay someone the money for one job when they are doing another. Hey u tell me a company where I can go work in the mail room and get the pay for being upper management I’ll go work there also please explainto me how wwe can drop 20 ppl at a time and its no big deal but when tna does it its horrible. Looks like they are finally making a good decision and focusing on a core roster and not paying ppl to sit home bc they don’t have 3 show to properly air everyone.

  • wrestling guru #1

    Did it occur to anyone on here that maybe he was paid well and was an idiot when it came to budgeting his money ?

  • CC

    Yup, you would think that someone on an international televised show would have been able to afford that, but it just goes to show how low the pay is there. And to those who were defending TNA during the whole food stamps thing with Jesse Neal, it once again shows that unless you are someone like Sting, you get lowballed. Hell, if Jeff Hardy feels the necessity to charge $20 for photos at a show, then he cant exactly be rolling in it either.

    Also nice to see that the guy who injured Sorensen still has a job and was getting title shots, while the guy who was nearly crippled is let go.

  • ddfindl

    Pretty sad state of affairs in TNA when a talent that was literally just released can’t swing $600