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Jesse Sorensen Update, Ric Flair Changes Plans In TNA Gutcheck Segment, Joey Ryan

– Jesse Sorensen was backstage visiting at TNA’s Impact Wrestling event last week. He’s said to be doing well and even had his neck brace off for a period of time.

– Alex Silva hasn’t been back on TNA TV since winning a Gutcheck Challenge because he was not supposed to win. A Gutcheck talent but have two “yes votes” to get hired. Originally, both Bruce Prichard and Ric Flair were supposed to vote no while Al Snow would have been the only yes vote. Flair was so impressed with Silva’s promo that he changed his vote in the middle of the segment. Prichard, who was also impressed, didn’t know how to fix things in mid-ring so he just changed his vote to a yes as well. TNA had the option of re-filming the segment but it would have looked bad in front of the crowd so they just decided to hire him.

Silva has been sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling and is currently working under a developmental deal.

Speaking of Gutcheck, we may not have seen the last of Joey Ryan. His Gutcheck segment with Taz last week got good reviews and caught most everyone off guard. Ryan posted the following video this week:


  • angry benny

    Someone hire Joey already, this guy is too talented to not be signed, I would like to see him go to WWE, he would start off slow, but he is contageous to watch and he will have the the flocks of fans beating to the drum of Hollywood Ryan, Joey, whatever they do with him,

  • Dave

    WWE dropped OVW and now use FCW as their developmental stage. OVW needed a new parent organisation so TNA stepped in to fill the gap that WWE had left.

  • macho.can

    my god if tna ever let flair back in their company they are fools! Obviously the talent just think they can make it up as they go along with No repercussions….remember when booker t decided he was going to just start addin accents to his promos for No reason…joke. I’d take the new guys wage out of flairs last pay check since he loved him so much!

  • Robinson

    I thought ovw was run by the wwe?!

  • Aaron

    Joey Ryan needs to be cutting that promo on Raw. He’s a great speaker and can cut a hell of a promo. That’s someone who can sell merch and draw ratings. Just hope they let him be himself. He can walk that Attitude-era line and keep it interesting. Just get him on tv!

  • SYM

    @OrkyBoy very well said u are Officially in my Fave 5 along wit Poko, Kamala’s Foot, Chris, and “Bad Man” Bigelow.

  • mabry

    @OrkyBoy, thanks, that clear things up, i had googled it but didnt quite understand, it didnt match with any wrestling activity…. thanks again…

  • Batesy Boy


  • scooter

    Nature boy fucks the system woo!

  • OrkyBoy

    @ MABRY

    The “Gutcheck Challenge” is a spot to give an indy or upcoming wrestler a tryout match.

    With most organisations it is done behind the scenes or in an untelevised “dark match” at the same time as they record the show but TNA are putting these on TV once a month during Impact.

    It’s an interesting idea and continues TNA’s recent drive to blur the lines between reality and TV show.

  • SYM

    Damn Nature boy is Funny for that Shit. Alex Silva needs alot of work. Hes Flat and he wrestles like Garrett Bischoff. Joey Ryan should’ve been hired however.

  • poko

    I bet that episode with Silva messed up how they were going to handle Joey Ryan. Not that I don’t think Ryan isn’t going to be back, because it’s obvious they’re going to do a little something with him and Taz. That was a lot better than I thought it would be, and Taz is surprisingly MUCH better at it than Flair was.

  • shawn

    oh well, lets just hire him… really?

  • Dave

    So basically Flair stitched them up with having to hire someone who they were originally going to overlook. Then jumped ship. I reckon WWE must have had him on a retainer.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    So TNA essentially hired Silva by accident? That’s just sad. Not a good way to start out Gutcheck.

    They shouldn’t have hired Silva. Joey Ryan was better than Silva, but I was on the fence about him, I’d rather see him over Silva though.


    whats a “Gutcheck Challenge”???, sorry, i really dont know about this..