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Jim Cornette returns to GFW, announces major match for GFW Championship

Jim Cornette had high praise for the WWE UK title match.

On tonight’s Destination X, Bruce Prichard addressed the crowd about the situation with the GFW Championship. Prichard claimed that Alberto El Patron voluntarily vacated the title and that he now planned to give the title to Bobby Lashley.

Jim Cornette arrived and stated that he had other plans. Cornette claimed that he got a call from Anthem and he was asked to help fix Global Force Wrestling. Cornette then fired Prichard, who was then escorted out of the ring by security.

Cornette once again said that Anthem wanted to make things right and claimed that El Patron was stripped of the title and that he did not relinquish it.

Cornette announced that their will be a 20-man Gauntlet match next week to determine the next GFW Champion. LAX approached Cornette as he was about to leave. Low Ki said that there should already be a #1 contender and threatened Cornette. Low Ki will be 20th in the Gauntlet match.

  • CC

    The whole Pritchard saying Del Rio relinquished it and Cornette saying its a lie thing sounds like a pop at Del Rio. It is entirely possible they are using Anthem as heels lying to demean Del Rio’s character, and that if he comes back he will be their main foil (think Austin/McMahon).
    But to me it smacks of Anthem not being happy with Del Rio contradicting their press statement.

  • CC

    Cornette always has the loudest mouth about everything right up until he is offered a job.
    He will never change.

  • Solid

    Then they showed him the cheque and his tune changed of course. 😛

  • pitfallharry219

    Cornette isn’t in the match. It’s just another mistake by someone with the writing skills of a 2nd grader.

  • Omar

    Wasnt Jim cussing and Mf’ing Anthem on his podcast few weeks ago? What happened to him quit wrestling business as according to him “wrestling was dead”?

  • MrDr3w

    Did I read that right? Calling it now, Vince Russo interferes and costs Cornette the title.