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Jim Cornette Says WWE Is In Trouble When Vince McMahon Passes Away

Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s promotion in September 2010 to WWE’s Executive Senior Advisor made official what was already informally apparent: Vince McMahon’s son-in-law will one day run the sports entertainment empire. Speaking to Power Slam, Jim Cornette comments on whether Levesque is qualified to succeed McMahon as head honcho of WWE.

“Nobody’s qualified to replace McMahon,” says Cornette. “Vince is one of a kind, a guy who will never come along again.

“Triple H is a student of the business, but he’s still got his own little quirks. He’s Vince’s son-in-law, and he’s being groomed for the spot because he thinks in large part like Vince McMahon in terms of what a star is supposed to look like: a jacked-up bodybuilder. So, some things are not going to change. He’s probably going to bring a more youthful approach to it, although [Triple H is] in his early 40s. So, he’s not exactly youthfulโ€”but Vince is 66.

“So, no: nobody’s qualified to replace Vince. [Triple H] might do an okay job. But, personally, I think when General Patton [Vince] passes on, I think they’re in trouble. [WWE is] always going to exist because they have a lot of money in the bank and they’ve grown into such a global company, but I don’t think there’s going to be any giant ground broken or revolutionary things done after Vince is gone.”

  • Nicholas

    Man Jim Cornette what a joke this person has turn out to be. The same can be said for the TNA marks to. PG is not going anywhere so get over it. Oh how is it TNA not PG yet nobody seems to care. I say HHH is going to do just fine running the WWE he knows the truth on how to build a wrestling federation he has learn from the master. Hey you ever wonder what people were thinking back when Vince dad passaway.Bet they never though it would grow this big.

    It does not bother me at all the rating and veiwership. He watch the Road to Wrestlmania tell me how poor the ratings and veiwership are at. Watch these same people crying about something else.

    As for Jim maybe he should just worry about his own buisness. I mean we all know that this guy talks out of both side of his mouth. An only things that come out is BS.

  • trevor

    ever since the ufc has taken the spotlight, the wrestling world has taken a hit. Men like real fighting and not storylines and performances…..but i am not like those men!!!
    I will take the wwe over any ufc show anyday of the week. It would make it more interesting if we had some puppies again though…lol

  • Jason

    TNA has had one show this whole year Gary that had under 10 mins of wrestling and that was the show after B4G 2011. Beyond that TNA has been very consistent in the 15 to 20 mins of wrestling per show. But for the last two months TNA has been pulling in 25 to 35 mins of wrestling per show. Hell just the other day Impact had 40 mins of wrestling with a 20 min women’s main event. Has that ever happened in wwe at any time?

  • David klein

    I’m tired of people saying the ratings went down because wwe went to pg well tna is not pg and they’re not doing shit so don’t tell me the ratings for wrestling went down because everything’s been down there is nothing new that can happen at all the same they can branca whether they want and nothing will ever change and you don’t like it stop watching me I like it and I will watch it

  • Starship Pain

    Konnan is in talks with WWE to come back as the head of the organization. Only Max Moon can save WWE!!!!!!!!!

  • idiotsyare

    Jim cornette is running roh in the ground. I am hearing huge ROH fans being dissatisfied with the current product. And the funny thing is that they just now got a good backing with a rich company sinclair media. And they got worst. So cornette has room to talk. Yet the wwe has been dead for years. Boring as hell. Tna has been up and down for me but sadly impact is the most interesting show for me to watch. Not saying its perfect. By all means no. But with roode. With gunner and the ko division etc and so on I never turn the channel. In fact I use to dvr impact and watched it later as I did a bit fast fowarding but I do not do that anymore. Anyhow the KO division is a huge rating boost for them. Something they need to keep in mind.

  • Gary

    ROH FTW!!!!

    and jason if im not wrong wasnt TNA having shows with 5-10 mins of wrestling just in the last 2 months?

  • jcorona

    Ring of Honor will take over!

  • Jason

    LOL at you morons saying TNA is not growing or catching up to WWE in some form or another. I’m sorry but when TNA house shows out draw wwe smackdown tv tapings and draw more money as well as draw bigger overseas crowds in many dif markets I tend to think TNA is doing just fine for a 9 year old company. WWE is 67 years old and still can’t move up beyond 5 million viewers. TNA at least has passed the 2 million mark and is growing in all dif areas. I still don’t understand how any of you marks could bash TNA after giving us the best heel in the business via Roode and the best women’s match of the last 3 years in James vs. Kim on free tv last night but yet love wwe that gives us 15 mins of wrestling per show on avg. Yeah that makes sense

  • scooter

    I look it at this way there were 3 candidates after shane left
    triple h – A guy thats been succesful in the ring and knows the ins and outs of the business
    stephanie mcmahon – Ive honestly never heard of a decision she made that I thought was a good one
    john laurenitas – like cm punk said in his promos he’s a yes man in other words he’s not a leader!
    hunters the best of a bad bunch in my opinion

  • Zane

    Although i would preferbly like to see Shane take over, I wouldnt mind Triple H that much as long as he brings new talent and youth to the WWE.

  • Y2J

    WWE are in trouble since many years.In an around 2006,Kurt Angle left which I felt was a huge set-back.Back in 2004 Lesnar left and so many guys like rvd or jeff so many of them left at an around same time.They should have phased out each of them sequentially,not drastically.A blend of youth and experienced should have been a good idea.But nevertheless I am a huge fan of WWE coz I grew up watching up guys like the Rock or Austin or Angle or HBK or Taker and many of them.I know these are once in a lifetime superstars which one sees.Still I want to wish WWE all the luck and for giving us so many exciting moments back in the 90s or till mid 00’s.I wish I could go back into the past and experience all the moments again..Adious..

  • Mark

    if TNA gets even close to WWE then all it has to do is dump its PG and bring back the attitude era

  • sandman

    Its not that wwe is in trouble its that all competition is either not big enough to stand with them or just plain sucks like TNA. So is competition is order to force them to make really good tv. So there is no point for them to do anything crazy like they use to when WCW and ECW was around back in 1996-2001 when wrestling blew up.

  • MJ

    LOL @Joe If WWE marks are blind then TNA marks must be blind as hell if any of them think they’ll ever catch up to TNA. In wwe they pushed sheamus for 2 years and he’s over with the crowd.

    In TNA they will push people who are not over. In the past couple of years they’ve shoved former wwe stars down our throats and the TNA originals had to take a backseat. Them being compettion is never going to happen! WWE has been around for decades they are the major leagues nobody can beat the wwe macine! They can create stars.

    TNA has pushed the same guys for nearly 10 years! Styles, Kaz, Joe, Daniels, roode, james. They just now know how to use them right.

  • Best in the World, YOU KNOW IT!!

    If WWE made huge changes like crazy ones, like say turning zack ryder heel and win the wwe championship or making random attacks on people and its a guy in a mask and just making things that people will question. that is what people will keep watching because there wondering

  • scooter

    corny seemed to be holding back for a change so I’m guessing he’s wanting his job back

  • Tyler(:

    I lol’d so much at the guy saying TNA is catching up.

  • Little Jimmy Dudley

    Maybe Vince already kicked and they just haven’t told us yet because they ARE in trouble.

    Finances wise they’re pretty solid but ratings are what drive the whole thing. HHH may have the wrestler/superstar’s perspective going for him but VINCE (…and Shane) did too. Not to mention the all-important clincher….business savvy.

  • Joe

    What can save WWE is TNA catching up and lighting a fire under their ass to get rid of PG and start writing some good storylines again. And the only way TNA will have a shot at catching up is if they say goodbye to the Impact Zone permanently and start filming in arenas that don’t make it look so bush league. Making Impact live each week would help too.

  • Paulioso

    Nope the cryptic videos are of Duke ‘The Dumpster’ Drose

  • xXx

    no, the cryptic video is for the return of WWE’s prodigal son, Funaki.

  • JIR

    Also the cryptic videos for RAW is the return of Taka Michinoku

  • JIR

    You know who could have saved the WWE from its current state …
    Two Words For Ya…

  • nick

    raw is jerichooooo

  • Bill

    Well, if Triple H really IS going to be chairman & Shane won’t, then I guess Paul played the game & won. I’d like to see how he’d run things. Let him have more test runs now, at least.

  • Chris

    Nah, WWE will always be around, too many marks.

  • Bawb

    I believe there is (or was) a guy who could replace Vince. His name is Shane.

  • Only BATMAN Can Save WWE ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • bonerjams

    Will it be the legend Braden Walker?

  • CM Mark

    Looks like Jim wants a job.

  • venom

    I thought WWE was in trouble now. Ratings are slipping. But it will never go as low as TNA.

  • Jimbo

    They’re in trouble now, never mind when he passes away.

  • jcorona

    Here we go jim cornette being a troll again