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Jim Ross Accepts Michael Cole’s Challenge, Chris Masters Deletes Tweet, Edge

— Jim Ross stated on Twitter that he has accepted “The Michael Cole Challenge.”

He wrote, “You asked..YES I’m taking the Michael Cole Challenge this Monday in ATL. What do I have to lose? Old dogs can still hunt BTW. Lets do this!”

If J.R. can defeat Cole on the Raw SuperShow, he will reclaim his seat at the announce booth and Cole will quit.

— Former WWE star Chris Masters deleted a message he posted on Twitter today alleging that a female member of the SmackDown roster maintains sexual relations with head creative writer Michael Hayes in order to keep her job. He says he was only “hypothetically speaking.”

Masters wrote earlier, “So if I had to tell you one smackdown diva who gave freebird hayes an “Oral” agreement to keep her job, who’d you guess?”

— Former WWE Superstar Edge turns 38 years old today.

  • venom

    Master’s twitter has hacked by vodka.


    How often do you see Edge wrestling? Oh wait thats because he’s hurt and is now a former wwe superstar.

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    He’s retired from the ring, but he’s still on contract. Thanks

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    I figured his excuse would be “My twitter was hacked”.

  • simon07

    Not the best thing to post on twitter if he ever wants a job with WWE again. And he wasn’t speaking ‘hypothetically’ because he’s not the first person to make those comments and then use that crap excuse to try and get out of it.

    I can see the ‘Michael Cole challenge’ thing dragging on for a while, i’m pretty sure it won’t be a 1 night thing!

    And dam, Edge was so young! He could have had so many more years wrestling (despite saying he wanted to retire at 40).

  • Gary

    No Joe, he is gone, get a grip dudes back and neck is shot and he retired

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    Edge is not a former superstar. He still is one. Just not active cuz of injury

  • mattnichollsFEAR

    Masters is talking about Mae Young