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JIM ROSS: “I would like to see a series of SD bouts someday w/ Rey vs Kaval. Del Rio has main event potential. Just needs time 2 evolve. Cole helps SD.”

“Seems like I struck a nerve saying Cole helps SD announcing. Got my ass kicked! icon smile Jim Ross and Joey Styles On Michael Coles Move To SmackDown Just saying Cole makes me listen. Good or bad, I listen.”

JOEY STYLES: “Michael Cole is on SmackDown again. WWE’s three man pay per view announce team makes me watch with no subtitles. Now SmackDown too? Ugh.”

“Why does Michael Cole have 3 personalities for RAW, NXT and SmackDown? If a segment on RAW is horrible TV would Michael say so on live TV?”

  • erik

    I would say put big show and mark henry on smackdown commentator team they sound like men and know all moves and bussiness unlike stryker and cole.

  • Chris

    Cole blows ass, WE WANT JR!!!

  • jayare

    micheal cole is a horrible commentator and a wanna be jr. put him in the consetion stands. and i quote! cole get me a beer!!

  • wrestling lover

    i realllllllllllllllyyyy hate michael cole does he really need to be on all 3 show his bad on 1 and does he need to read the emails for the gm

  • Browny914

    I hate michael cole

  • grizz

    Styles and Cole both SUCK big time.

  • venom

    Rey will probably wrestle Kaval at mania. But Rey will probably refuse to put Kaval over.

  • CC

    Styles is one of the best in WWE right now, but his style just doesnt lend itself to the WWE that well, and he is the first to admit it. On top of that, he is apparently happy where he is as its higher pay, and is also considered a promotion over announcing.
    Dont forget, Michael Cole used to be in charge of WWE.com before Styles, and was removed because he was so bad.

  • Symbiote

    Joey Styles screaming ” OH MY GOD OH MY GOD”! does not make him one of the best…just better than Cole.

  • Buttercastle

    Vintage general manager.

  • lol

    they should give CM Punk a job commentating full-time :)

  • Uzoma Iwuagwu

    Three words: MICHAEL COLE SUCKS!

    P.S. I agree with J.R. as a series of matches between Rey Mysterio and Kaval (Low Ki) would be great!

  • dgnr83d

    ” May i have your attention please ive just received an email from the general manager . . . and i quote ” – michael cole

  • brody

    Cole on Smackdown is just one more reason not to watch.

  • Kelly

    Dave S: After some time in WWECW they “Reassigned” him, to the website. I agree he is one of the better ones these days.

  • Dave S.

    Really, why arent the WWE using Joey Styles for SmackDown?? He’s one of the best.

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