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Jim Ross Blog: 1000th Raw Episode, NXT A Disappointment, Undervalued Talent

Jim Ross is back with another blog this week. Here are a few highlights.

JR At RAW 1,000th: “I never planned to not attend the celebration, as I prefer to look at it, as RAW1000 is a milestone that I’m proud to say that I was able to contribute to beginning in 1994 when I first appeared on the broadcast.”

“Even though I do not know my exact assignment at RAW1000, I assure one and all that it doesn’t matter to me. Team players contribute where they are needed and determining where I’m needed isn’t my call. All I know is that I will be ‘at the game’ and ready to help the team win in any way that I can. It’s really a simple philosophy that I’ve believed in for many years.”

Does He See NXT As A Disappointment?: “Obviously not. If I did not want to contribute to WWE’s most important department, the development of new talent, then I would have passed. I BELIEVE in the Talent Development Department and honestly feel that there is no more important area within the entire WWE. Attractions sell PPV’s, Merchandise, garner TV ratings, etc. Attractions are main event level superstars with staying power and they are not developed in a few months and sometimes not in a few years. Many of today’s fans have short memories about that process or they simply have never experienced it. Bottom line, some fans have little patience and they feel as if they are ‘owed’ more than they are.”

Most Undervalued Talent In WWE: “I’m not sure, it’s a subjective question, but if I had to make a list it would include William “Don’t call me Steve, Dusty” Regal. An excellent broadcaster, skilled in ring talent and a fantastic teacher to the developmental kids. “

  • ant

    William regal would be an awesome heel to fued with cm punk, cena, Bryan. He needs to be wwe champ he deserves it way more than bitch ass immigrant Rey. Only reason wwe keeps him around is for the little Mexican kids who think they can be like him. He sucks and he needs to be a low to mid card performer

  • scooter

    I gave you thumbs down that means your birthday will suck.

  • yofits

    Will “the Thrill” Regal should have feuded with Chris Benoit for the world title in 2004.

  • Jeff

    Continuing a new tradition here on

    TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Wish me a happy birthday by clicking thumbs up!

  • scooter

    Regal was someone who would have been world champion were it not for his personal demons had everything going for him outstanding worker, amazing promos, fairly unique look and friends in high places. Such a shame but I’m glad their not just dropping him because he’s a great commentator and could be an amazing trainer in FCW!