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Jim Ross Blog: Cena’s Elbow, Punk-Heyman, Foley’s Promo, Lawler’s Future

Jim Ross is back with another blog update, which you can read its entirety at Here are some highlights.

CM Punk & Paul Heyman: “On the current path that @CMPunk is traveling, the WWE Champion and “Best in the World” aligning with @HeymanHustle Paul Heyman seems to be working well and will only get better…or worse depending on one’s interpretation. Obviously, Punk doesn’t need a ‘mouthpiece’ as @RealMickFoley so accurately and passionately pointed out Monday night but the Punk/Heyman duo comprises one of the most compelling presentations that WWE has had in recent memory. ”

Mick Foley’s Promo On RAW: “Mick’s presentation Monday night was one of the year’s best in ring, verbal performances and was one of the highlights of the three hour program from where I was sitting. ”

Jerry Lawler’s Future: “For those speculating on when Jerry will be back, that’s all it is or can be at this time is speculation. Obviously, Jerry will be welcomed back with open arms when he is medically cleared but that is a work in progress. He’s feeling better by the day but it takes time to rebound after such a serious health scare so @Jerry Lawler returning to RAW is undetermined at this time and he will be given all the time that he needs.”

John Cena’s Surgically Repaired Elbow: “I spoke with @JohnCena Monday and took a look at his surgically repaired elbow while he was doing rehab at the arena with Dr. Amman and the elbow and John’s arm in general looked gnarly. For those that don’t know, doing rehab on a repaired joint like an elbow is massively painful.”

“Knowing Cena’s mindset and his mental toughness, it’s impossible to say exactly when he will be medically released to step back in a WWE ring however I’d wager a case of JR’s Original BBQ Sauce that it will be sooner than anyone else that I can think of at the moment.”

  • You All Wrong you forgot new Super Sheamus

  • Yes! 3X

    Even if what you say is true there’s still the fact that he’s a horrible worker. The match he had with Jack Swagger, who’s a decent worker, a few weeks ago on Raw was autrocious. I understand it takes 2 men to put on a match but the difference is Swagger has actually had some good matches. Ryback literally can’t go a minute without botching a move. My point is that Vince had better choices on his roster to make stars out of but he’s notorious for having a hard-on for big guys.

  • Dave

    You could hardly be more wrong. Ryback is reputed to be a very good guy to work with. And someone who takes a great deal of care not to hurt his opponents. There is a big difference between looking stiff and actually wrestling stiff. Several of the jobbers he has wrestled recently have been quoted as such.

  • Yes! 3X

    Without Cena we might get Ryback. Which will be a complete disaster. That guy needs to spend less time lifting weights and taking steroids and get back to wrestling school to actually learn what he’s doing. Cena’s abilities are atleast passable. Ryback is gonna seriously injure someone soon. It’d be a shame if it were Punk considering how he’s the top heel in the company.

  • 1919dpg

    cena should not rush and take however long his elbow needs…

    oh, what will be of us without super cena? what!?