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Jim Ross Blog: CM Punk Reforming n.W.o, Working on NXT, WWE ’13 and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog. Here are some highlights.

WWE NXT: NXT is an exciting new brand for WWE. The evolution of NXT is just getting started but the future is bright from my perspective. The TV shows are improving each taping session and will continue to do so if we all do our respective jobs.

Working on WWE NXT: My work in talent development is enjoyable albeit challenging and it allows me to contribute to the future growth of WWE which is important to me. I’m especially proud of the teaching and development being done at FCW in Tampa by a hard working, dedicated crew.

The Rock Challenging For The WWE Title: So @TheRock is going to attempt to win the WWE Title at the 2013 Summerslam, right? Firstly, don’t bet against that occurring although there are no guarantees in this genre. Secondly, I’d love to see Rock vs. CM Punk as I feel that Punk’s style and aggression would push The Rock and take the ‘Great One’ out of his comfort zone. World class athletes like @TheRock are at their best when they are pushed to the next level much like Austin and Rock did each other back in the day.

WWE ’13’s Attitude Era: Excited about rejoining @Jerry Lawler on the Attitude Era portion of the new, WWE13 video game out this fall. Pre orders are reportedly going really well and more info on pre-ordering can be had at many sites including King and I had a lot of fun recreating our commentary from the Attitude Era of which you will readily hear.

CM Punk Reforming The nWo: A follower on @JRsBBQ on Twitter asked if I thought @CMPunk would reform the nWo. I have no idea if this topic is any thing more than speculation based on my friend Kevin Nash having some fun with the subject on Twitter. Bottom line is that I don’t know but I would be surprised if Punk headed up a faction at this time because he seems to be such a solitary man. The only way that I see that ever happening at this stage of Punk’s career is if he had complete control on who comprised the group.

  • poko

    well jim your the ones who take all this wwe shit seriously, argue back and fourth over people who act the part of wrestlers, as if its all legit. And yes my knowledge base around wwf and other things increase my income thanks 🙂 no 9-5 days unlike most

  • Jim

    No we won’t remember that poko because we’re not all losers who remember every single minute detail of every match/promo/commentary in the history of Pro Wrestling.

    Does all that knowledge increase your income?

  • Davey Zoo

    The only way the nwo would work now would be to put orton with punk immediately and then have cena turn as well later.

  • Undertaker

    Cm punk sucks has a champion. rock>cena>punk.

  • Lew

    If they brought back the nwo I would like to see it start with three like before maybe punk orton and nash

  • wildeye

    punk nash barret show and i would give mcintyre a push put him in the nwo

  • poko

    JR again talking out the wrong side of his face, its not SS its RR that dwayne is going to act as rock to win title. God needs to slap the other side of his face this time, that is a para-phrase used by a former wrestler in around SS 2000 about JR, but u dicks wont know who that is without google

  • Jimbo

    Punk, Nash, Show, Miz, Rhodes, Reks and Hawkins. There’s your nWo.