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Jim Ross Blog: CM Punk vs. Ryback, Monday’s Raw, Lawler’s Return

Jim Ross posted has published a new blog. Here are some highlights.

CM Punk vs. Ryback this Sunday at “Hell In A Cell”: “Ryback vs. Punk Sunday inside Hell in a Cell is a head scratcher when attempting to pick a winner. Either Ryback takes his first loss or he leaves the new, WWE Champion. I’m as anxious to see the outcome of Sunday’s PPV Main Event as is the next guy.

“Unlike some fans with nothing better to do, I’m not going to over think it the outcome of Ryback-Punk. I’ve read some amazingly ridiculous theories on the WWE Title bout online but I prefer to draw my conclusions after I have seen the match. Execution, as always, is the key. That’s not new news or overly insightful but it is a fact.”

Raw this past Monday night: “Enjoyed being in East Rutherford Monday night once again sitting in for Jerry Lawler and working with @MichaelCole. I thought Michael and I had our best outing on Raw to date. As I am reminded daily by fans who follow us here or on Twitter @JRsBBQ, that three hours is a long time to invest in any TV show. All any broadcasters can do is our best to entertain and inform the audience and, above all else, attempt to embellish and better establish the talents.”

Jerry Lawler’s return: “I am not sure when @jerrylawler is going to return to work but I’m ASSUMING it will be this year which means sometime in November or December. I’m happy to keep King’s chair warm until the doctor’s say that he can resume weekly travel, etc to broadcast Raw on Monday night’s. Jerry’s feeling great and seems to improve daily. He’s relaxing and enjoying life. Every time I think of his heart attack I think of just how lucky Jerry is to be alive and that if he hadn’t been where he was when the attack occurred that he would likely have died.”

  • paul s

    Bertram= better FUCKING AUTO CORRECT

  • paul s

    I agree. If anything, Jr helped to create the real wrestling fans with his storytelling’s. What hes trying to do is stop people ryback bashing ad fans are on to the fact that wwe has come up short for hiac. If Jr says fans with nothing better to do then all ass kissers like rocky sucks can jump on the bandwagon anytime rybacks credibility crops up so they can quote Jr. It is a bit of an insult. Ill bet he wants everyone of those fans to buy wwe13. I would only play that with nothing Bertram to do. Bet Jr wouldn’t insult me while being a fan means buying products instead of commenting on the “sport” we love.

  • carlito

    you’re a real clever guy and you make a great argument when you call people dumbasses over the internet safely behind your keyboard….but like I said, I respect and like J.R…I just don’t think he should insult the fans who are overthinking things cuz they’re the ones who are ordering all the PPV’s, buying all the t-shirts, and keepin the WWE in business.

  • Rocky sucks

    It’s because jr is right about the stupid shit some of u dumbasses say on here

  • carlito

    “Unlike some fans with nothing better to do, I’m not going to over think it the outcome of Ryback-Punk.”

    I respect the hell out of J.R. and love his commentating but sometimes he seems like a Douchey McDouche when he says stuff like that..that’s not cool