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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his JRsBarBQ.com blog with his thoughts on Edge’s health and WWE legends Dwayne Johnson and Steve Austin would hosting RAW.

Edge’s Health: Received a nice text from Edge during the holidays from his mountain retreat in the Carolinas and it is my understanding that Edge is still questionable I do understand that Edge is healing well from Achilles tendon surgery but it has always been a photo finish as to whether or not Edge will be able to wrestle at the end of March. I hope so and would hope that it would be Edge vs. Jericho. I’m certainly not counting Edge out of WM26 but Mother Nature has more to say about this matter than any one else. Edge returning prematurely and not being 100% would make no sense.

The Rock Hosting RAW: Jim Ross said he was under the impression that The Rock was going to guest-host an episode of Raw in January, but scheduling conflicts “eliminated that opportunity.” Johnson’s new “Toothfairy” movie comes out this month, which would have been the promotional tie-in for Johnson to guest-host. Commercials for Johnson’s “Tooth Fairy” movie have been seen during all WWE shows over the past two weeks. Johnson said two months ago that he was working on a TV project with WWE beyond just guest hosting RAW for 1 week. Johnson has yet to provide an update on the status of the project.

Steve Austin Hosting RAW: JR also said he “assumes” Steve Austin will guest host RAW, possibly in March to help promote Austin’s new straight-to-DVD film “Damage” (and of course, WrestleMania).

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    I am a huge Edge fan, but I actually hope he doesn’t come back in time for Wrestlemania. I’d hate to see his return and likely first run as a face in a long time overshadowed by the John Cena/Triple H show. I’m sure he and Jericho would steal the show as far as match quality goes, but they wouldn’t promote it or hype it at all, it would just be one of the matches in the midcard to them, right before the divas match.

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