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Jim Ross Blog: Kassius Ohno’s WWE Departure, Underutilized Talents, Kane and More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on Here are some highlights:

Traditional HOF vs. Celebrity HOF: It’s amazing when reading emails and tweets @JRsBBQ that so many fans don’t understanding the difference in the ‘celebrity’ wing of the WWE HOF and the ‘traditional’ wing. Guys like Drew Carey, Pete Rose, Mike Tyson, Donald Trump, etc are in the celebrity wing of the non physical, non existent. structure which could also add to more confusion. In other words, the aforementioned men and others like them are ‘honorary’ members inducted primarily to garner outside publicity. At least, that’s my opinion.

So when some one rants at me as to why Drew Carey is in the WWE HOF and Chris Benoit isn’t, it rings as especially being misguided and borderline ignorant.

Kane’s storyline: Hopefully, Kane will add to the “Authority” storyline currently being played out in WWE. I’m often asked what I think of the latest Kane idea and I’m not smart enough to predict the future and am willing to watch how Kane’s revised, TV persona and presentation plays out. We’ll know soon enough.

The original Authority storyline back in the day featuring Mr. McMahon and Stone Cold will be challenging to ever replicate. Simply trying to do so is a calculated risk.

Kassius Ohno’s release: Been asked a great deal about Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero’s release from WWE NXT. Obviously, it is regrettable as no one wins in this particular scenario. I have been out of the WWE loop for a while but know that there were issues that were being addressed with this matter while I was still in the company. Ohno/Hero was well thought of and I felt he had a the potential for a bright future in WWE. Perhaps he still does down the road.

Any time a talent with the experience, skill set and potential that Kassius/Chris possesses fails, it is an unfortunate situation for all involved in the process. Having been there, hopefully all can learn from the experience and hope that history doesn’t repeat itself. These issues are rarely one sided as it takes two to tango.

Under utilized talent in WWE: When asked on a recent Tweet who the most under utilized talent in WWE is I will admit that there’s no definitive answer but I’d submit William Regal as a prime candidate. Not only would Regal be a great mentor/advocate (God forbid one use the term ‘manager’) but Regal is also a skilled that could add to RAW or Smackdown.

Regal would certainly add to the shows sounding differently from which they could benefit. The British veteran also has a unique perspective of the business and ample entertainment sizzle.