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Jim Ross Blog: Last Night’s RAW, CM Punk’s Ship About to Sail?, Paul Bearer’s HOF Induction

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on As always, you can purchase JR’s BBQ products on Here are some highlights from this entry:

– Wonderful to hear that my old pal Paul Bearer also known as Percy Pringle was announced in Chicago as going into this year’s class of the WWE Hall of Fame. Very deserving honor and another product of the territory system to be honored. The loyal, Alabama football and George Jones fan will be smiling down from Heaven when he’s honored in NOLA.

– Condolences to the family, friends and fans of the UK’s Billy Robinson who passed away this week at the age of 74. Mr. Robinson was well known as one of the legit tough guys in the business and was the foremost expert in “Catch Wrestling” in the world. His work that can be found on You Tube is simply amazing.

– Enjoyed many aspects of RAW Monday night. No Punk. No hijacking. The WWE folks steered the course just as I had suggested here and at on my show in NYC Saturday night. Seems like many in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) were pulling for a disruptive show and I’m pleased that did not occur.

– Great promo to start the show by Paul Heyman. Heyman has no equal on the mic in today’s business. Who has more animalistic presence than Brock Lesnar? I’ve got your answer….nobody!

– Liked that the villains kept the heat turned up on Daniel Bryan who was featured prominently on RAW. So prominently, in fact, that it might actually quiet some vocal fans who, based on some tweets I’ve received @JRsBBQ and some emails here, don’t know as much about building a story line as they would like to believe that they do.

I still believe that Daniel Bryan will walk away from WM30 as one of the primary stars of the event in the Super Dome. Don’t bet against DB stealing the show in the Big Easy.

– As Steve Austin said on my podcast, the Ross Report, which drops later today and officially on Wednesday, I’d still not rule out CM Punk’s return to WWE in time for a WrestleMania match but my gut feeling is that ship is about to sail. Perhaps it already has.

  • nobody,justnobody

    Having respect for someone is one thing. I don’t think any wrestling fan does not have respect for Jim Ross. Hate is a strong word. I DO feel however that he comes down a lot on the IWC like he has something to prove. He makes a big deal about fan interaction and hi-jacking a show. Wrestling has always been about rabid fans cheering on who they would like. Wrestlers USED to change heel or face based on crowd reactions. They could SO VERY EASILY blow the roof off of creative and turn Cena heel or have Dbry go over the title. Something new. Some new blood. Sadly, WWE is so big, it all just comes down to dollars and cents in the short term, rather than a long term goal of being an entertaining show reminiscent of the Attitude era . . . which IS doable in PG. Now don’t get me wrong. WWE fan for life. Not gonna stop watching cause this one or that one doesn’t get a push. Still frustrated over the product. And my frustration with JR is that he seems to come down on the fans one minute and agree with them the next. He thinks DBry should be in the title picture but likes his possible match with HHH. He is staying a company man and “going into business for himself.” Just look at Mick Foley – now he tells it how it is.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Jr constantly proves Jr wrong lol. Pay attention kid!

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    What with all the hate feast on Jim Ross he always tells it like it is nobody has proven him wrong yet. So before all you hates start ripping him apart remember this the man most has never been proven wrong. This is from a guy who no longer works for the WWE either just still telling it like it is I always respected JR honestly,

  • JAckh45

    Couldnt agree more. He takes credit for everything and contradicts himself weekly. Last week he was stating Punk would be at the show, and now hes like “I told you it would play out like that”
    Hes so out of it and stuck in the past of thinking what he says actually matters.

  • nobody

    Whatever JR. Getting tired of his “I know everything about wrestling” shtick. We get, you are an insider. We shouldn’t feel shunned for showing Daniel Bryan some love. Or for showing CM Punk some love on a show he is not even on.

  • MyBroTestify

    Where do I start Mr. Ross? The reason the show was not hijacked was because the WWE played up to the CM Punk issue essentially deflating it right from the start. They played his music to start the show with the hopes he would come out at the end to send everyone home happy. There were also some above average RAW matches. The tag title change, the Shield Wyatt display of excellence. Ziggler – Cesara face turn tease. They produced probably one of the best RAWs to date with the exception of NO CM PUNK. No need to hi-jack a good show. DBry played into the hi-jack thing. Cena played into it. And why can’t they just turn that mf’er heel already? Everyone has to go through him!?? A very heelish statement in my opinion.

    Also, why do you NOT like hi-jacking a show. US FANS love it, because we feel like we have some control over outcomes that way. It forces the wrestlers to react. It’s called interaction.

    And LASTLY, we ALL know Dbry will no doubt “steel the show” (with Taker being the exception) – but we as fans don’t want him to face HHH. We are in hopes he gets inserted into the title match and win @ Wrestlemania. That is what we want. Anything else, and we are just settling.

    Go sell some BBQ sauce. I am a JR fan, but I hate how he comes off as above the IWC and wrestling fans in general when we support him by reading his blogs, etc. His word is not ALWAYS right. Amen