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Jim Ross Blog: Punk’s Segment with Lawler, Daniel Bryan a Asset, More

Jim Ross has posted another blog on Here are some highlights.

If he misses broadcasting Raw: When people ask me if I miss broadcasting Raw I always answer yes and being live, live is one of the reasons why. It certainly isn’t the travel and TSA Security that I miss interacting with on a regular basis but I do miss the excitement and unpredictability of broadcasting LIVE TV. I’m not saying that I enjoy a good fire occasionally but the overall unpredictability of Monday Night Raw has always been a rush to me.

On CM Punk segment with Jerry Lawler: Some fans demanding @CMPunk to have another pipebomb promo will likely get one down the road but Cincy wasn’t the time nor the place. I thought Punk had a great night on air and his verbal jousting with @Jerry Lawler entertained me.

Regarding the WWE Title, Punk told many truths which might not sit well with some. I am an old school believer that nothing in WWE is more important than the WWE Title. Some personal issues are on the same level often times but nothing should be MORE important than the WWE’s premier championship. That’s my two cents on that matter.

I do think that the potential to build a major issue between @CMPunk and @TheRock is obvious plus a match between the two would be interesting to say the least for many, many reasons.

Daniel Bryan as a WWE asset: Does Daniel Bryan ever have a bad night? Bad match? Bad promo? He certainly hasn’t that I can recall. WWE is lucky to have Bryan on their roster and the two entities have formed an amazing fit when, in the early part of Bryan’s WWE tenure, I’m sure that some thought the relationship wouldn’t last. Now Daniel Bryan is one of WWE’s most valuable assets. He’s a dream for management to have on their roster. No one that I can recall in recent years has improved their verbal skills and overall on air persona as Daniel Bryan. Plus, never disregard just how legit, physically tough Daniel Bryan is.

If he will take part in the SummerSlam broadcast: Whle there are no plans for me to broadcast at Summerslam, I am excited to be attending the PPV in LA plus doing some THQ work at WWE AXXESS. Actually, I have several THQ, talent development, etc projects on which to focus over the several days that I’m in Los Angeles.

Does WWE need more titles?: Does WWE need MORE titles? Not in my opinion. I’d say that the titles that currently exist need to be enhanced from a perception stand point.

  • Banjo

    shut up devil_rising ..

  • SYM

    If anything WWE needs less Titles. The Creative teams Brain’s hurt with too many titles.

  • Jim

    So obvious this Punk thing was about respect or being “the guy” the tweets he was getting from fans about not main eventing (main event is always the last match on the card for me) and he’s turning that into a storyline. If he does drop it to Cena everything he says still loses credibility. He’s been champ for 9 months but it doesn’t feel like it because he’s been treated as 2nd class as champ, like in all his runs.

  • Devil_Rising

    That’s exactly right. The way WWE operates, they honestly shouldn’t even HAVE any championships at this point. The whole point of having championship belts, is to make them seem like the most important thing in the world. Whoever is champion should be treated like THE GUY at all times, and every single championship match should feel important.

    Nothing Punk said, while a promo, yes, was incorrect at all. Ever since he won the title back at Survivor Series last year, he has been on the backburner to whatever Cena has been doing, on ANY given PPV. And that’s bullshit. Not only does that “Spinner Belt” title STILL look mentally retarded and the look alone devalues the belt, but then it devalues the belt AND the concept of the WWE champion at all, when he doesn’t even always close Raw, and hasn’t main evented a PPV, to my memory, since last year.

    THAT is BS. When Cena was champion, or HHH, or Orton, they ALWAYS ended the show. And if not, it was because one of the other of them was the OTHER champ, and his match was last. You can’t complain, as a company, that you have a “depth issue” with your roster, when you don’t treat all of your big stars equally. You can’t treat Cena, when HE’S champ, like he’s the most important thing on earth, and then when Punk is champ, have him be second fiddle. It just doesn’t work that way.

  • The Awesome One

    hope tyson kidd gets a u.s. or ic feud id rather have kidd u.s. champ then santino