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Jim Ross Blog: Ryback vs. CM Punk, JR’s Role When Lawler Returns, Ziggler-HBK

Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety at Here are some highlights.

His Status When Lawler Returns: “The Nashville Raw ran smoothly for Cole and me at the announce table. Our two man chemistry is evolving nicely as I keep @Jerry Lawler’s seat warm for his return which I assume will likely be sometime before the end of the year. I haven’t heard an exact date as that decision will be left up completely to the medical people. I’m assuming that King will return and take his seat next to Cole and that JBL (@JCLayfield) will continue to work with Josh Mathews on Friday Night Smackdown but that’s simply one man’s observation. ”

Dolph Ziggler Channeling Shawn Michaels: “It seems like more and more each week that @HeelZiggler aka Dolph Ziggler is taking on more of the personality traits of @ShawnMichaels had back in the day. I’m not saying that Ziggler is going to surpass arguably the greatest in ring performer ever but if one had to pick a guy to study and to emulate to a certain degree then Ziggler has picked the right guy. Showoff equates to Showstopper as Dolph and Shawn have similar athletic traits and confident attitude. As Ziggler continues to become more natural on the MIC the comparisons will likely grow.”

Ryback vs. CM Punk At HIAC: “Ryback vs. CM Punk in the main event inside HIAC in Atlanta is something that I never foresaw coming this quickly but I’;m excited to see the bout. I have no preconceived notion of how it will go but my guts say it won’t be a scientific masterpiece but will be physical, straightforward and smash mouth.”

“The Raw broadcast this Monday should tell us even more about this matchup. Certainly Ryback is on a roll, has yet to lose or to ever compete inside Hell in a Cell so this main event has several viable unanswered questions that, as a fan, I like.”

  • Pete

    JR Makes even the worse storyline bearable….Must be Kept on next to Lawler and lose Michael Cole!

  • Bill

    Just leave JR on commentary…PLEASE!