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Jim Ross Blog: Segment with Punk, Ryback, Ricardo Underrated, and More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog. Here are some highlights.

On the awards WWE presented to him: I have to tell you that the award that WWE presented me was the nicest thing that I’ve ever been bestowed including my 2007 WWE Hall of Fame ring. The “Voice of WWE’ engraving brought me to tears I’m not ashamed to say.

Segment with CM Punk on Raw: The segment that @CMPunk and I were involved in, of course along with the irrepressible @HeymanHustle Paul Heyman, was the highest rated quarter hour of the three hour broadcast which is a tribute to the WWE Champion and his evil sidekick.

On broadcasting a 3-hour episode of Raw with Cole: Three hour, live broadcasts are challenging but having @MichaelCole there to keep the rudder in the water with the enormous amount of social media and other non in ring content to insert into the show is a Godsend for me. I kid you not. The amount of info that we are obligated to present to our viewers is amazing. Michael is the man and I’d not want to broadcast Raw without him. I’m very comfortable following his lead in a role that I’m still working diligently on which to improve.

On Ryback: Ryback is just starting to come into his own. I got a tweet from a teacher that said his students were chanting “Feed Me More” prior to their lunch at school recently. Ryback is a unique talent who will hopefully carve out his niche much like other power and strength guys have over the years which takes a little more time and perseverance than many traditional talents. Ryback’s exposure Monday night was timely for him and his progression.

On Ricardo being underrated: Ricardo Rodriguez is an underrated asset for WWE in my eyes. Rodriguez ‘gets it’ and will hopefully end up being a bigger star in WWE than what some fans perhaps currently perceive him.

Jim Ross also talks about many other topics from Monday’s episode of Raw and much more.