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Jim Ross Blog: The Shield vs. Evolution at Extreme Rules, IC Title Tournament, TNA, More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on with thoughts from last night’s RAW. As always, you can purchase JR’s BBQ products on Here are some highlights from this entry:

– Solid show…enjoyed the tournament to determine a #1 contender for the IC Title as a tourney is a perfect format for episodic TV. It also gave some much overdue attention to the IC Title which has gotten tepid, at best, and hasn’t done much for Big E Langston since he won the title. Hopefully these are all positive steps seen on RAW to reposition the once prized championship.

No stinkers in the tournament and felt that Barrett vs. Ziggler was especially good. Even though the match was ‘cold’ the two men were fighting for something which anyone watching could understand and relate to. Plus, Barrett has many of the necessary villain traits necessary to be a villain in today’s TV Wrestling world that most of his peers don’t exhibit.

– Not sure why as a fan I should dislike Cesaro and it can’t be simply because he’s aligned himself with Paul Heyman. Cesaro simply outwrestles people and is damned impressive while doing it. Some of Cesaro’s matches down in NXT the last year or so were better than anyone on RAW was having at the time.

– Enjoying the work and the potential of the Rusev/Lana duo. Rusev has excellent athleticism and flexibility especially for a 300 pounder. Lana is unique and her Russian accent is new money.

– The small amount of mic time that Damien Sandow was provided helped him further establish that he is an annoying, obnoxious antagonist. Simple formula if the talents can pull it off and Sandow can.

– Significant heat going off the air on The Shield who were outnumbered and eliminated by a cast of thousands and then decimated by the reunited Evolution. Certainly sets up a nice match at Extreme Rules between Evolution and the Shield.

– Seems like TNA is signing their core talents whose contracts are either up or in need of revising. WWE has seemingly made it clear that they have no interest in Impact talents and will instead reply on their Performance Center for their future stars. However, with Jeff Jarrett preparing to launch another promotion it makes sense for TNA to be proactive.