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Jim Ross Blog: Sting Joining WWE, Time Limit Draws & Clinched Fists In Wrestling, Ross Report

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on As always, you can purchase JR’s BBQ products on Here are some highlights from this entry:

– My interview with Jake Roberts that is airing now on the Ross Report Podcast has received amazing feedback especially from some of the many wrestlers and would be wrestlers who have heard it. Jake’s take on today’s in ring product, how it can be improved and the nuances of being a hero or a villian in the TV wrestling world are excellent. It’s like going to a college class on how to be a successful pro wrestler.

The Ross Report can be downloaded for free at and via iTunes.

This coming week we talk about how to become an announcer with one of ESPN’s most popular anchors, Robert Flores, who is a life long fan, has watched every WrestleMania and grew up a super fan of Paul Boesch’s Houston Wrestling. For those interested in broadcasting in any form this is a great show to download plus Robert shares some of his favorite pro wrestling memories many of which I’m sure you will share.

I’m also interviewing one of my all time favorite female wrestlers Gail Kim soon for an upcoming Ross Report. No woman in the business is better bell to bell than Gail Kim.

– Pet Peeve: Wrestling promotions that do not use time limits eliminate one of the easiest finishes to broadcast and to understand that there is….the draw. If pro wrestling is supposed to be simulated athletics how can none of the matches have no time limit? Totally illogical IMO.

While I’m at it….how can the use of a clinched fist be legal in a pro wrestling match unless the match stipulates such? What exactly is illegal in TV wrestling these days? No reason to wonder why disqualification finishes or even count outs generally come off as flat and help no one involved in them.

– Regarding Sting, I assume that he hasn’t signed with WWE only because WWE hasn’t announced it. Signing Sting would create positive news for WWE as he is a major star that WWE can monetize in a variety of ways if he comes aboard. I don’t see Sting even needing to wrestle to be a viable asset to WWE if he does sign with the company. If Sting did have one match it WWE it would need to be a long build, much anticipated one that has a significant payoff at a major event more specifically WM31.

  • poko

    He’s right about the draw. It’s something some of the Japanese promotions still use effectively to show that the two performers in question are evenly matched. It’s a good way to build drama and set up a match with stipulations. I recently watched a draw in a champion vs. champion match between Arisa Nakajima and Io Shirai. It made them both look resilient and strong.

  • Shawn OB

    Sting needs a little DDP Yoga. And Sting would do well vs. Del Rio or someone like that.
    And time limits won’t matter anyways if they’re set on partially because most matches need conclusions at whatever right timing for non wrestling content like the Total Divas highlight or something like that. A match ending in a time out would upset the audience in general but they’ll tune in for a rematch. Just another gimmick in pro wrestling, an old one.